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Spoken Word Workshops with Kate's Club

This is a special guest post by Paint Love Summer Intern & GSU student, Victoria Allen.

"We all came from different places, but we're all coming from the same place" 

Paint love partnered with Kate's Club on June 4th and 26th to present in a brand new art form for Paint Love, spoken word! We collaborated with spoken word artist, Ashley Haze and Mista Funn to create an therapeutic activity for students dealing with grief and loss. 

Daryl led out on June 4th, with a group activity to break the ice. Having experienced the loss of his sister, Daryl demonstrated how spoken word can release some of the built up feelings the students may identify with. 

Students worked together adding teamwork and fun during the activites

Students worked together adding teamwork and fun during the activites

Similar to Daryl's workshop, Ashley Haze led out on June 26th for more expression through spoken word. Ashley began the workshop with haiku poems, preparing the students for the free verse shortly after. 

Proceeding the spoken word portion, Paint Love staff and volunteers brought art supplies to help the students express their spoken word poems in another way. The overall goal for the workshop was for the students to write a piece and then create a painting reflecting their piece. Students designed magnificent pieces, some reflecting their poem and others made what they felt.

We absolutely loved combining two art forms to create this therapeutic, fun filled experience. We look forward to our next workshop with Kate's Club! 

Creating felt friends at Ronald McDonald House

Guest post written by Paint Love volunteer Mandy Goodwin.

Last Tuesday, families staying at Ronald McDonald House were invited to join Paint Love and Forever We volunteers in creating an art project. Curious children peered through the door at hot glue guns, piles of felt and googly eyes. We were making no-sew stuffed animals. Young minds weighed the options of making a seal, whale, or penguin. Some new the answer immediately, others needed a moment to decide.

Creating art creates relationships. Volunteers, parents, and children laughed together gluing pieces and stuffing felt bellies. Stories were shared. Dreams and wishes were whispered to cut-out hearts tucked inside the stuffing.  Some leaned into their imaginative ideas and created their own animals. Bows, extra eyes, and drawings personalized projects. This room, messy with art supplies, was a space for families to just be together, to create together.

Artist Alice Lim, and Paint Love volunteers Mandy Goodwin and Laurel Wong pose with a family at the Ronald McDonald House. 

Artist Alice Lim, and Paint Love volunteers Mandy Goodwin and Laurel Wong pose with a family at the Ronald McDonald House. 

At Ronald McDonald House, families have a place to call home while their children receive medical care. The house isn’t just a place for shelter, it’s an opportunity for a family to heal as whole. Our Paint Love project was created for healing. The handmade stuffed animals are perfect for aching hearts and bodies to cling to. They’re small enough to be tucked into arms and backpacks during travel. And like all of our favorite stuffed animals, will listen and comfort at any moment

A Metalsmithing Workshop with Cat Goolsby and Wellspring Living

I love the variety of projects we are able to host at Paint Love. From traditional painting to metal working and found art. It seems as if we will never run out of new projects to do. On March 5th, we were lucky to host our studio neighbor, Cat Goolsby for a metalsmithing workshop with the girls at Wellspring Living. 

The projects that come with the coolest tools are the best! Check out Cat's assortment of metalsmithing tools. 

Wellspring Living is an Atlanta based nonprofit helping domestic sex trafficking victims and the vulnerable develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed. We have been so delighted to partner with them on several projects! You can view our projects with Wellspring here.