Paint Love provides art workshops and creative outlets for youth who face poverty and trauma.  By partnering with nonprofit organizations and Title 1 schools who do not have the capacity or budget to expose their students to artistic opportunities, we strive to reach at-risk and underserved youth who could most benefit from artistic and creative programming, yet have the least access to it. 

Paint Love's programs increase the capacity of our Title 1 School Partners and Nonprofit Partners by planning, orchestrating, and providing supplies free of charge. Paint Love’s projects are led by professional artists, overseen by Paint Love staff, and manned with volunteers so there is no extra strain on our partners.

Why do Paint Love's programs Matter?

Paint Love's programs engage youth who have experienced a broad range of trauma. 

Studies show that prolonged and unbuffered exposure to stress, including trauma and living in poverty, impacts kids’ developing brains and can have a permanent effect on cognitive ability, physical and mental health, and academic achievement. 

Access to arts education is shown to reduce stress and anxiety, build critical social-emotional skills, and close the academic achievement gap. 

What makes Paint Love's PRograms unique? 

Paint Love's programs have a foundation of excellence and strive to present something to students that they haven’t experienced before; lean toward fine art rather than crafts- as low-income students often have less exposure to fine arts; and incorporates social-emotional learning themes. 

Paint Love projects are in a caring, safe space.  Everything we do is a means of supporting kids facing difficult circumstances.  We chose art because we believe art is truly transformational, art has therapeutic qualities, and art is a tool that can allow students to express themselves beyond the time we spend with them.  Art is our tool, but love is our main priority.

Paint Love's programs are intentional. Paint Love works with our partners to create positively themed programming to fit the direct needs of the students for each event. We strive to not only create art, but to create meaning behind each project.  We work to incorporate one of these four Paint Love themes into every project:

a. Loving/respecting yourself
b. Loving/respecting others
c. Seeking and strengthening positive relationships
d. Investing in your community


Past Paint Love Projects