Plexi-Mobiles w/ Sara Santamaria (TCP)-Day One

This post was written by Paint Love Operations intern, Maya Glass.

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What’s more fitting for Cool Girls than a cool, unique project? Nothing! We all may not remember, but when we were newborns we must have stared inquisitively at that spinning object above our heads playing tunes until it ‘lullabied’ us to sleep. What was that thing?! Oh yes, a mobile. Yesterday afternoon, about 45 girls in grade levels 2nd-5th indulged in creating eccentric shapes to be hung on their own handcrafted mobiles. This project is led by our wonderful lead artist, Sara Santamaria.

Each girl participated with enthusiasm and enjoyed making their prototypes. In this test run, we found what did or did not work for balance, string placement, weight distribution, etc. This time next go round, the girls should be familiar and experienced with the material. They will be making one large mobile, collectively as the final product. Thank you to our T-1 partner, Barack Obama Elementary, and Cool Girls, Inc. for allowing us to bring our program to your bright young girls. Can’t wait to meet again!


A Metalsmithing Workshop with Cat Goolsby and Wellspring Living

I love the variety of projects we are able to host at Paint Love. From traditional painting to metal working and found art. It seems as if we will never run out of new projects to do. On March 5th, we were lucky to host our studio neighbor, Cat Goolsby for a metalsmithing workshop with the girls at Wellspring Living. 

The projects that come with the coolest tools are the best! Check out Cat's assortment of metalsmithing tools. 

Wellspring Living is an Atlanta based nonprofit helping domestic sex trafficking victims and the vulnerable develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed. We have been so delighted to partner with them on several projects! You can view our projects with Wellspring here.

Mixed Media Flowers with Kathlee Kohl and Wellspring Living for Girls


Kathlee Kohl led the most recent event at Wellspring Living. Kathlee taught the girls how to paint flowers with acrylics. She also taught them how to use fabric and other mixed media elements to embellish their paintings. We’ve been working with Wellspring for some time, and it’s amazing to see the relationships that we’ve made along the way. It's always so wonderful to see the girls!

A few girls said they were just going to watch. We encouraged them to just try it. Besides, what girl doesn’t like flowers? It was Interesting that the one girl who wanted to watch ended up making the most beautiful piece with all different mediums. Another girl was graduating & taking her piece home. I think the girls really enjoyed the outlet of carefree painting. My heart was warmed with many hugs as we left for the day.
— Kathlee Kohl

Each piece turned out so differently and so beautiful in their own way. Those girls have so much talent!