A Day in the Life of a Paint Love Artist: Interview with Corrie Ladd Part 1

I had the opportunity to interview Paint Love artist Corrie Ladd. We sat on a leather couch in a Java Monkey coffee shop, and chatted, wearing casual summer attire. Corrie's beautiful tattoos revealed her creative persona before we even began speaking, and a small necklace hanging around her neck exemplified her delicate jewelry work.

Corrie works at her job making decorative wall art using glass enamel until 7 pm. When she gets home at 7:30, she has to spend half an hour doing email before she can finally start thinking about working on some new pieces. These pieces could be paintings, works with thread, designer dish towels, or her works which are currently gaining the most traction: pieces of jewelry. 

Corrie has known she wanted to do something visually creative since 8th grade, when she was inspired by her visual art classes that allowed her a taste of many different mediums. In high school, she really delved into visual arts, and, after receiving several scholarships based on the merit of her artwork, majored in technical drawing at college. Following her intensive work with drawing, focusing on use of graphite, she became curious about surface work, exploring mediums such as wood, canvas, and thread.

During college, Corrie worked with friends to develop an art therapy elective, which inspired the creation of an entire art therapy major at the school. Corrie explains that though art can be introspective, she believes it is meant to be shared, and it is not a selfish thing. Her desire do work with people and creativity inspired not only her development of this program but continues to guide her to work at Paint Love. One of Corrie's goals for herself is to serve a bigger purpose. This vision motivated her to do volunteer work while growing up and provides drive for her personal works of art. 

Other creative and career goals of Corrie's include: to always be able to use her hands and be working, to be self-sustaining, to have the freedom to set her own schedule, to be inspired and inspiring (another factor that drew her to Paint Love), and to have a fulfilling career. A specific target is to have her work in 10 retailers by the end of the year. You can already find Corrie's work in Charis Books, in Made Again, in The Byrd's Box, and, most recently, online in her Scoutmob Shoppe!

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