Hello! I'm the 2015 summer intern!

Hey, I’m Gracie! New intern here.

Having just graduated high school, I was seriously pondering how I should go about spending my summer before college. After flipping through the various options of traveling and getting a job, it seemed that I just couldn’t set my heart on anything in particular. With perhaps fifty-something tabs open on my web browser, I finally came upon Paint Love’s website. 

Finding out that they were in need of an intern felt like a miracle. As a mere high school graduate who had spent most of her high school career focusing on her studies, I lacked any experience in the working world. So being able to join the Paint Love team, I feel incredibly thankful for the opportunity to learn all that there is to learn and to be part of such a positive influence in the Atlanta area. 

As for my own experience with art, I actually started out being forced to go to two-hour long weekly art classes at a young age. Trained in the more structured and traditional side of art through observational drawing and painting, my perception of what was considered art was pretty narrow. However, as I advanced through years of adolescent angst and exposure to many new art forms, I have come to appreciate art as an outlet of creativity and expression. In many senses, art keeps us in touch with our humanity, whether the art we experience conveys a certain emotional connection or merely touches upon our natural predilection for aesthetic beauty. I didn’t mean to get all philosophical, but I truly believe that a thorough appreciation of art, in its numerous forms, can help keep one’s mind clear and make the world one sees that much more beautiful. 

That is why I think what Paint Love is doing for the youth in our community can be deemed as a really amazing endeavor.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m excited to be part of the team! Looking forward to continuing a great summer at Paint Love :)