The Largest Event in Paint Love History: Built for Connection

We are smack dab in the middle of planning our largest event yet! This is a big milestone for Paint Love. We have partnered up with Fostering Together and have the opportunity to host over 100 children and family members from the Georgia foster care system. The event’s theme? Built for Connection. We believe that we are all designed, created and built for connection. What better way to illustrate that than through a collaborative art project?

We’re lucky to be able to partner up with several Atlanta area artists: Mac Stewart, Joe Dreher, Ross Boone, Amy Myers and Sabrina Barilone. All our artists will be teaching a creative technique infused with their personal style. We are structuring the projects in such a way that families can complete a group art project together on-site. Alternatively, families can opt to create individual pieces that will later be joined together to become a unified work of art.

We will have forty art students from Georgia State University assisting with the event, which will be held on the GSU campus on Saturday, October 17th. To maximize the experience of our guests, we need to make sure those volunteers can be spotted quickly! We will be outfitting them in our Paint Love volunteer shirts. We’re still looking for sponsors! A donation of $500 will place your name or logo on the back of our shirts, but sponsorship opportunities start at just $6. If you’re interested in helping fund the event, head over to our donation page or click the button to donate below!

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