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Family Paint Day with Art on the Beltline

Paint Love at Family Paint Day on the Atlanta Beltline Westside Trail 

We were so honored when Miranda Kyle, Paint Love artist and Arts and Culture Project Manager at the Atlanta Beltline, approached us to host Family Paint Day for the new Westside Trail on the Beltline. 

Julie arrived early and volunteers helped prep the graffitied pillars before the families joined in. Paint Love Artist Lindsay Ryden designed this whimsical, fun mural, and we just love all the quirky details! 

Over 100 people braved the rainy forecast and came through the bustling tunnel, stopping to don an apron (thanks to Blick Art Supply!) and helped prep walls, and paint the festive parade of animals while the Beltline muralists created their own masterpieces on the opposite side of the tunnel. 

The Pullman Yard Showcase with Atlanta Contact Point

The face of Pullman Yard!

We had the opportunity to join Atlanta Contact Point in their Pullman Yard Showcase. Pullman Yard is an abandoned train yard in Kirkwood. Atlanta Contact Point’s dream is to see the space trans­formed.  The aban­doned indus­trial site would make an amazing community center. Think an active nature pre­serve, with play fields and an arts complex. Sounds fun, right?! 

Setting up for the Pullman Yard Showcase!

It rained the whole day! Not just a sprinkle, but heavy rain with the big drops that fall like pebbles. It created a unique atmosphere. Families would rush in and then pause in the doorway getting their bearings. Once people made it inside the building, they didn’t want to leave. The result was adults having lingering conversations. Kids running around everywhere, laughing. It made it feel like Pullman Yard had already been transformed into the community space it deserves to be. 

Julie helping a young artist get started at the Pullman Yard Showcase.

We set up shop near an unofficial entrance. We had good light and fresh air. We arranged our tables and chairs, and filled our water buckets. (Dustin found a few leaky spots in the roof and had our buckets filled with rain water in a matter of minutes.) Because of the wide variety of people attending, we decided to do one of our signature murals. (This mural concept was thought up by Morgan Corbett for our Norton Park Elementary School mural project. It's been such a big hit, that it bears repeating.) It was fun telling our story to the grown ups and painting along with the kids. There are so many talented young artists in our city! 

Dustin having a good conversation with a young artist at Pullman Yard Showcase.

Because of the rain and the space, we had the opportunity to slow down a bit. We literally had to watch paint dry. The humidity made for a good opportunity to learn more about the people at the event and what the neighborhood was like. (Answer: Neighborhood - Awesome, People - More Awesome.) 

Pullman Yard painters hard at work!

It was fun to see the kids so wrapped up in their work. The adults would hang back and talk while keeping a watchful eye. Julie, Dustin and I hovered over the table, helping where needed. 

The finished Pullman Yard mural! 

The finished mural is up in Atlanta Contact Point at Druid Hills. If/When Pullman Yard is transformed, Atlanta Contact Point will probably install the mural in the new arts space. We would love to see this space transformed. It’s obvious the space is well loved by its neighbors and visitors alike. 

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