Zully Conde

Self Expression Boxes with Zully Conde at Georgia Center for Child Advocacy

During my first week of Paint Love, I didn't really know what to expect of all of our events. I knew we had amazing artists, partners, and projects, but I wasn't aware of how well they all work together! 

My first event was at the Georgia Center for Chid Advocacy with the fabulous, Zully Conde leading our art project. Zully had requested wooden boxes, modge podge & magazines paper. I assumed it would be a cool project for the kids to use their creativity and decorate some boxes. However, both Zully and the kids exceeded my expectations. 

As we all can relate, sometimes how we present ourselves to the world, doesn't always align with who we really are on the inside. We are all complex creatures, yet sometimes, whether through society's views or our own view of ourselves, we can be boxed in certain categories. 

This can be especially true of children, as they try to create and understand who they are as an individual. We used the boxes as a representation of self, the outside of the box, portraying other's perception of us, while the inside was used to express our true selves. The kids took this idea and completely made it their own. Seeing these kids explore their identity at such a young age was beautiful. 

I saw one child who decorated her box with the statement “your scars make you beautiful.” This statement could be a testament to resilient cognitions. Using them in an art format can really help children internalize these kinds of messages since they are interacting with them in a physical way rather than just saying or writing them down.
— Rebecca Ahmadi, Psychotherapist at Georgia Center for Child Advocacy

I got to stick around afterwards and see these kids show their boxes to parents and siblings. Seeing how proud they were of their creations, made me realize just how important the daily work at Paint Love is. After seeing how this event went, I'm convinced I have the best job in all of Atlanta! ;) I'm so excited to begin my journey working with Paint Love.

Melted Abstract Art with Women's Resource Center's Camp Peace

What a great day to make art! We kicked off the month of July with a colorful art workshop with Zully Conde! Crayons, stencils, blow dryers and lots of imagination made this project fun and full of energy.


We had the pleasure to hang out with 30 kids from the Women’s Resource Center’s Camp Peace. Each camper chose a word to create a unique melted piece of art. With the help from our GSU student volunteers, the campers were able to explore playful ways to complete their projects.


Of course the best part of the project was melting the crayons! Watching each page transform into a colorful abstract piece of art was amazing. Each one full of color and energy just like the kids that created them. All in all it was a great summer workshop.

Collaborative "Better Together" mural at Indian Creek

Paint Love artist Christina Wert worked with Indian Creek art teacher Zully Conde and Paint Love's executive director Julie McKevitt to create an amazing collaborative project for 90 third, fourth, and fifth grade students at Indian Creek Elementary. Indian Creek is a Title 1 where over 80 different languages are represented in the study body!  The team created a mural concept promoting peace, unity, and kindness. All of the students contributed illustrated fairy tales around one of those themes. The result was a beautiful mural that proudly hangs in their school hallway! Julie painted the faces of the children in the classrooms, so the kids could watch and participate in the entire process of the project. While we were installing the piece in the hallway, students kept coming by and getting so excited to see how their contributions came together 

"Better together" mural at Indian Creek Elementary School