Safe Space Eggs at Georgia Center for Child Advocacy


Caitlin Martin led this sweet Easter themed craft at the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. The students got to paint and decorate their egg and use air-dry clay to create a little creature to live inside it. We talked about safe spaces, and what makes us feel safe while we turned the eggs into cozy homes for colorful turtles, dinos, and birds- complete with soft beds and handmade clay teddy bears! 

We love working with the kids from the GCCA. Their organization provides counseling, community, and support to children and families who have experienced abuse. While the kids are engaged in the Paint Love project, they often offer workshops for parents and then once everyone is finished, the groups join back together - the kids excitedly showing off their projects- and then everyone shares a meal provided by the incredible staff. 

There are so many things to appreciate about Paintlove, but what strikes me the most is the way the organization brings the power of creativity and self-expression to touch the lives of children who have been hurt or are vulnerable to their circumstances in our community. I can think of few activities that are as empowering and healing as inviting a person to bring themselves into the external world through their art. It is a joy to partner with this organization both personally and professionally.
— Rebecca Ahmadi, therapist and counselor at GCCA