New Indiegogo Perk!

Hey folks! So, Paint Love has been fundraising like it's our job! (Can't wait to share the results - soon, friends, soon!) But, as you might have guessed, not all of it has been happening through our Indiegogo Campaign. In an effort to revive our campaign - we’re offering a new perk!

We’re bringing out a lightweight ring spun cotton tee for a donation of $25 for one week only! 

If you want to do some name dropping in your community, this is the shirt for you! Nothing shows off your philanthropic cares-about-the-arts style quite like a super soft, vintage red tee!

Check out the new perk here!

These tees are unisex, pre shrunk and made out of 100% combed cotton!

If this sounds like the perfect perk for you, run over to our Indiegogo page and sign up for one. Expected delivery is May 2015!