Illustration & Story Writing Workshop with Dr. Lydia Mays

This is a special guest post by Paint Love Summer Intern & GSU student, Victoria Allen.

The fun continues with our summer series for Camp PEACE students. 

On June 24th, the momentum switched up, combining literature and visual arts with Dr. Lydia Mays. Back in GSU classrooms, we met with a fresh and eager batch of volunteers and author Dr. Mays. During the planning time Dr. Mays discussed the process it takes to write a children's book and how the author and illustrator never actually met! This was the basis for the workshop, where students would write their own book then trade off with someone else who would become the illustrator. The Paint Love team as well as volunteers were captivated as Dr. Mays described in detail the thought provoking activity. 

Following the debriefing, Dr. Mays read us one of her books entitled "The Giving Me". Afterward breaking down the process of how books are made to the Camp PEACE students.


Students were then able to write their own stories either about themselves, or anything their creative minds composed. They received help from volunteers with grammar, rhyme scheme and so much more. The growing relationships between the students and volunteers is always a wonderful part!

The event produced a nice change of pace combining literary skills, teamwork and artistic expression. We look forward July's series with new artists and the students from Camp PEACE!