Henna Workshop at Kate's Club


This week Paint Love artist Janelle Perrilliat of Joonie & Jake's volunteered to do 2 henna workshops with the kids from Kate's Club

The theme was  "I am worth it." We wanted to show the kids how to celebrate and treat yourself while dealing with grief. Henna is the best way to symbolize this theme. 

Henna is a small flowery shrub that has many uses. The flowers can be used as perfume, the dried leaves can be mashed to fine powder to dye clothes, hair and skin. The art of applying henna to hands and feet is known as Mehndi and it is used for celebrations and rites of passage. 

Grieving the lost of a loved one is a process. Being able to enjoy the good times without that person in your life takes a lot of strength. Henna represents this strength. Having the courage to enjoy your life, celebrate holidays, and treat yourself to love and laughter is its own "rite of passage." We wanted to show these kids that you shouldn't let life pass you by and to enjoy the little things that make you smile.

Henna gave that joy to these kids. Janelle was so talented at drawing the designs on their hands! It really showed the individuality and fluidity of henna art. Everyone's design and meaning was different just like how each person goes through their own "rite of passage" differently.

We look forward to working with Kate's Club again and Check out our upcoming events!