Colors and our Emotions with Ellen Gadberry

This is a special guest post by Paint Love Summer Intern & GSU student, Victoria Allen.

The continuation of our summer art workshop with Camp PEACE was filled with bright minds, smiles and art work! We are so thankful for the extensive support of our Georgia State University volunteers. On June 17th, we met with our art instructor Ellen Gadberry and eager GSU volunteers to prep for the workshop.

We discovered the beauty and simplicity in the art project. Magazines, scissors, glue and construction paper were the only supplies we needed. Shortly after the students got settled, we dove into a collective discussion about how the colors of the rainbow can be related to emotions. We talked about complementary colors and described that the artwork should display two colors working as complements for each other, even if considered "opposites." Following the discussions, students and volunteers laughed, played and created marvelous pieces.

Art is more than eye candy, but rather a meeting place for various people of all ages to come together and express themselves.

Similar to the previous workshop with Camp PEACE, students took home more than personal artwork, we look forward to the next event!