Felt Friends with Alice Lim at Our House

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Artist Alice Lim brought her felt stuffed animals project to the pre-school and elementary school kids at Our House. Working with the children of families who are part of the residential program at Our House, older siblings helped younger ones safely maneuver glue guns to stick googley eyes to the nautical themed creatures they'd created. 

Our House works to keep families who are experiencing homelessness to stay together. While most shelter programs divide families, Our House keeps families with young children together and provides holistic case management to help them get back on their feet. Through housing support, family services, employment training, and early childhood education for infants through pre-school, Our House offers children and families experiencing homelessness the tools, support, and education they need to thrive. By tackling homelessness at its source, they help the generation experiencing homelessness today, and break the cycle for those most likely to experience it tomorrow.

Although it was a hectic hour, with the controlled chaos of kids cutting, glueing, and shoving stuffing into their pillowy felt friends, the kids had a blast and each child got to walk away with a colorful and cozy new toy they made themselves.