Rahab's Rope: Paint Love Project to Help End Sex Trafficking


Today, the END IT Movement is celebrating SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY Day across the world.  They want the world to know that slavery still exists.  I wanted to share one story of how Paint Love was able to help a great organization that rescues women and girls from slavery and sex trafficking. Several months ago I had the privilege of painting canvas signs for Rahab's Rope.  I painted these signs as part of the Paint Love campaign--connecting art to local nonprofits that benefit youth.  Rahab's Rope "exists to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India."  They have a store in Gainesville, GA that sells products made by the women of Rahab's Rope.  The store provides significant funding for their organization.  They were in need of signage for their store that allowed passerbys to quickly understand the shop's purpose and mission.  The signs also needed to match the design of the beautiful and intricate items they sell from India.  It was so much fun to paint the Henna patterns and flowers and help tell their story through words and art!  You can check out some step by step pictures of the process below.

Also, check out this story about, Wellspring Living, a great organization helping to end sex slavery right here in Georgia.