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Team Coconut Pete


Join Mattiel from Team Coconut Pete & the other artist teams for a VIP Q&A panel followed by a meet & greet at 5pm on the event day, Saturday, May 20th! $25/ticket

Mattiel Brown

Mattiel Brown

Mattiel Brown and Meg Lindsay represent Team Coconut Pete, affectionately named for Meg’s bearded dragon who is affectionately named for Bill Paxton’s character in the Broken Lizard movie Club Dread.

Non-lizard-owning Mattiel is a designer, illustrator, musician, furniture maker and world traveler. In her spare time, of which there is not much, Mattiel writes fanfic about Meg’s lizard. Just kidding, no she doesn’t. She just wrote the one line once as a joke, but it was really good. Mattiel is a true artist who could make a bunch of tuna cans into something beautiful. I know because she’s literally done that.

Meg Lindsay

Meg Lindsay

The second half of the team, Meg, has been practicing calligraphy on and off since middle school and only recently picked up her nib and nib holders again when she got the idea to write the lyrics to every song in Green Day’s Dookie in Italic calligraphy last year.

It didn’t turn out that great, but she got a lot of practice and she’s currently prepping for a new project where she re-watches Buffy and picks out quotes to write in different lettering styles. Stay tuned on her Instagram @buffyletters.



Team Coconut pete's Design:

Team Coconut Pete's Supply List:

Below are the items Mattiel & Meg need to create their design. Mattiel (who will be painting solo on Saturday) will only start with a blank white canvas. She will need your help at the event to purchase (donate toward) the items so she will be able to use them.  Take a look and come prepared to help Mattiel finish her painting!

  • Cup of water
  • Several cups for paint
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Fine tipped paintbrushes
  • Large paintbrushes
  • Small paint roller
  • Plastic palette
  • Large palette knife
  • Cadmium Red acrylic paint
  • Bright blue paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Painter's tape