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Join Kyle & the other artist teams for a VIP Q&A panel followed by an artist meet & greet at 5pm on the event day, Saturday, May 20th! $25/ticket

Kyle Brooks - BlackCatTips

What is a BlackCatTips? A BlackCatTips is a painter and muralist. A BlackCatTips is a poet and a thinker— a teller of tales. A BlackCatTips is Kyle Brooks, a street folk artist from way down in the American South.

In addition to his studio and mural work, Brooks creates street poems and whimsical roadside art installations. With his brush, bright colors and a few found materials, he paints the world happy.

Brooks lives in Arabia Mountain USA, Georgia with his wife and old dog. He also likes hot drinks, biscuit houses and growing orchids.

A few of Kyle's partners and clients include the Weather Channel, Xerox, Samsung, Coca-Cola, The Georgia Conservancy, MailChimp, SweetWater Brewing, Creative Mornings, The Bitter Southerner, DSW, The Atlanta BeltLine, Shaky Knees Festival, ParkLife Music Festival, Plywood People, Sublime Doughnuts, Forward Warrior, Atlanta Intown Paper, Monday Night Brewing, and the Arthur Blank Foundation. 


Kyle's Design

Kyle's Supply List

Below are the items Kyle needs to create his design. He will only start with a blank white canvas. We will need your help at the event to purchase (donate toward) the items so Kyle will be able to use them.  Take a look and come prepared to help Kyle finish his painting!



  • water for painting
  • light blue paint
  • red paint
  • pink paint
  • black paint
  • white paint
  • mint green paint
  • 6 brushes / from small to medium
  • painting towel/clean up rags 
  • 2 plastic mini-buckets 
  • bottle of water for Kyle
  • a pencil 
  • a pencil sharpener
  • a stool to sit on
  • a paint love painting apron
  • a snack or granola bar
  • a fan