Wellspring Living

Wellspring Living helps Domestic Sex Trafficking victims (DMST) develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed.  Wellspring Living For Girls is a residential program serving girls 12-17 who are survivors of DMST. The program offers a continuum of care including therapy, education, and life skills classes, designed to foster holistic change in the life of each survivor. 

 They offer full comprehensive services (therapy, education, life skills, career skill, etc.) for girls and women, to help teach sustainable skills that help transform their lives.


  •  WL is looking for art programs for the girls from their Girls Residential Program (~ 8 girls each program)
  • Some project ideas they suggested are projects that have the girls create a story line where they were the main character (i.e. comics, comic books, or flip books) but with paint, color, etc. AND/OR having the girls make masks representing different ways they feel or ways in which they display things on the outside
  • They would love to work with the following mediums: “Paint, pastels, chalk, colored pencils, learning how to work with clay/ceramics"
  • They would like a project for their girls around the themes of “Self-°©‐‑reflection, Identity, Self love vs Self‑hate.” They also encourage volunteers to ask the girls what they are interested in and what topics would be engaging/fun for them. The project must also fit within one or more of the Paint Love themes: A) Loving/respecting yourself, B) Loving/respecting others, C) Seeking and strengthening positive relationships, and D) Investing in your community.

Volunteer Requirements

  •  Volunteers must be female, 21 years or older, have a background check on file with Paint Love and complete all training and paperwork with Wellspring Living.
  • Volunteers must submit a volunteer application with Wellspring Living at wellspringliving.org/volunteer. (Through that site they must have: 1. Foundational Volunteer Training (1.5 hours) & orientation. 2. State, National, and social security background check. 3. Child Protective Services Investigation Screening. 4. Mandated Reporter Training)
  • Note: Paint Love’s background check can be sent over to WL
  • Volunteers may not take or post photos of the girls in the program

Past Projects with Wellspring Living