New American Pathways


New American Pathways is a refugee resettlement organization, providing refugees and immigrants services from arrival in the country through 5 years or citizenship. They offer a continuum of services to their clients in order to best serve them along the cultural adjustment journey in the United States. They offer the following services: resettlement, employment, immigration, Parents as Teachers, school liaison, and after-school services. They have 4 after-school programs for elementary and middle school refugee students. These students are K-8, and most have been in the country for less than 5 years. Their students have a variety of backgrounds, and there is not one explanation that could encompass them all.

 New American Pathways'ʹ (NAP) overarching goal is to support refugees/immigrants in surviving and then thriving in Georgia. New They provide programs and educational resources to both middle school aged and high school girls in both English and leadership development. Their Middle School program includes around 70 refugee students from 11-°©‐‑18 years old. These students receive ESOL instruction and are from low income families. Their High school program includes 22 refugee girls from 9-12th grade; many of the students receive ESOL instruction and will be first generation high school graduates.


NAP would like Paint Love to help them reach their organizational goals in both after school and Young Women's Leadership (YWL) programs through art outreach, self‑expression, and youth empowerment. There will be approximately 20‑35 students involved in each program. (YWL: 22 students; 2 Middle schools will have a maximum of 35 students at each site.)

  • They are interested in projects that include “canvas bags (crafts), journals,” but are open to all types of mediums
  • NAP would like the project to fit one of these themes: Self-confidence, female empowerment, or cultural adjustment, and the project must also fit within one or more of the Paint Love themes: A) Loving/respecting yourself, B) Loving/respecting others, C) Seeking and strengthening positive relationships, and D) Investing in your community.
  •  Events with the Young Women'ʹs Leadership program will take place on Saturdays, at any time. 

  • Events with the after school program will take place Monday-Friday 4:30PM-6:00PM 

Volunteer Requirements

  • There is not an age requirement for volunteers, but a background check must be on file with Paint Love for anyone over 18.

  • Volunteers with the Young Women’s Leadership program must be women volunteers.

  • New American Pathways will share their photo and social media policy before each event. All volunteers must be aware of the policies before taking or posting photos.

Upcoming Events with New American Pathways

Past projects with New American Pathways