Fostering Together


Fostering Together serves foster families, both financially, and physically by providing them with a care community. They serve all ages and grades with all different life circumstances. All of the children are in foster care.

They would like Paint Love to provide an outlet for the kids in Foster Care and the families that are supporting them. They have asked us to come during one of their continuing education events where they provide childcare and give the kids the opportunity to participate in something fun and engaging while their parents/foster families are learning. There will be approximately 50-100 students involved in each program

They are open to project ideas, but the project must fit within one or more of the Paint Love themes. Paint Love’s themes are the following: A) Loving/respecting yourself, B) Loving/respecting others, C) Seeking and strengthening positive relationships, and D) Investing in your community.

Events with Fostering Together will take place in March, October, and December, exact time, date, and location TBD. 

Volunteer Requirements

  • All volunteers must be 14 years old (depending on the age group they are working with) or older and have a background check on file with Paint Love for anyone over 18.
  • Volunteers must dress modestly and are not permitted to take photos of the children or post photos of the children on social media.