Covenant House of Georgia


Paint Love programming in 2018 with Covenant House is sponsored in full by our community partners at Gas South!

Covenant House Georgia is much more than a shelter. They provide unconditional love and comprehensive support so that their youth can and will realize their fullest potential. In fact, seeing their potential is our greatest motivation. They are optimistic about the power of a stable, loving environment to inspire a fresh start in their lives. It is a privilege to support their youth during some of their most formative years. Covenant House empower them to finish high school, start college, gain employment, live independently, and ultimately step out into the world knowing they are prepared to be successful.

 Covenant House Georgia serves 18‑21 year old homeless and runaway youth. They have a shelter and independent living program where they provide youth with a bed, meals, vocational and educational programs, mental health care, hygiene and clothing items, and more. Their goal is to support and prepare the youth so they are able to live successful and independent lives. The youth they serve have faced hardship and trauma such as physical or mental abuse, human trafficking, losing a loved one, or having nowhere to go and sleeping on the streets. 


They have a large campus with an art room (there is a kiln, but it hasn'ʹt been used in a long time), opportunities to create murals, a computer lab, and a garden space. Their youth enjoy many art forms including poetry/spoken word, story telling, painting, and jewelry making. 

 They have two specific program requests:

  1. Create an outdoor mural with the youth
  2. Increase the types of mediums that their youth are exposed to such as: ceramics, photography, graphic design, etc.

They estimate there will be approximately 10‑15 youth involved in each Paint Love project, though they have a capacity of 80 youth in the program. They would like the artist to create a project that connects with the theme of self‑empowerment and self‑image. They want the youth to see themselves in a positive light. They want them to realize their worth and everything they provide to our community; they are strong, resilient, smart, hard‑working, and beautiful.

Events at Covenant House will take place Tuesday - Thursday, 11:00 am ‑ 12:00 pm, 3:30 ‑ 5:00 pm or 7:30 ‑ 8:30 pm.

Volunteer Requirements 

  •  All volunteers must be 21 years old or older and have a background check on file with Paint Love. If the volunteer will be working with Covenant House on a recurring basis, there will be additional volunteer requirements.

  • They ask that photos are not taken of the youth without their permission (they must be informed of what the photo will be used for and where it will be posted).

  • Volunteers should not share their contact (phone number or email) or social media information with the youh and should not receive any youth'ʹs contact or social media information.