Blueprint 58

Blueprint 58 is a community-based mentoring program in the Adair Park and Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Atlanta. Blueprint 58 is unique in its approach to community development, focusing on both fostering mentoring relationships through the local school, and establishing a healthy and positive presence in the neighborhood. Blueprint 58 was birthed from the realization of the need for lasting relationships as the only context for community transformation. Their mission is to empower youth to grow into community leaders through mutually transformational relationships.

 They currently have 30 mentored students from 4th grade - 9th grade and hope to increase this by at least 10 new mentor-student pairs this year. They also serve 8-10 young moms (aged 15-20) in their mom's support group, and they have 12 high school boys who attend a weekly Bible study. Their students all live in their neighborhood, which they said is a “beautiful and thriving place but would benefit from more support and resources.”

Blueprint 58 noted that “The (local) schools are all considered "ʺfailing"ʺ at this point, although we are always optimistic about their future as some amazing educators are working really hard to turn things around.”


They would love to offer their students opportunities to experience new things, particularly in the field of the arts where they don'ʹt get a lot of time and energy invested at home or school.

•  There will be approximately 15 students involved in each program

They are open to project ideas. Their biggest theme behind their events is building self-confidence as well as deepening relationships and trust between mentors and students. The project idea must also fit within one or more of the Paint Love themes. Paint Love’s themes are the following: A) Loving/ respecting yourself, B) Loving/respecting others, C) Seeking and strengthening positive relationships, and D) Investing in your community.

Blueprint 58 is a new nonprofit partner in 2018! Want to work with them? Blueprint 58 is looking for a lead artist for programs with a TBD date. They have monthly events, and are flexible about when and where these events are hosted and held.