Paint Love was founded in 2014 by ATLANTA ARTIST Julie Ann McKevitt. Julie recognized the strong therapeutic benefits art has on students, yet realized there was a lack of artistic resources for youth.

Out of that need, grew Paint Love’s mission:

“connecting artists & nonprofits for a positive impact on youth.”

Since its inception, Paint Love has enjoyed fulfilling its mission by bringing art classes and donations to organizations throughout metro Atlanta.

Why Paint?

To paint means to cover. Just as an artist covers their canvas in color, so we want to cover those we are privileged to serve with love.

Out of love, we teach lessons, donate supplies, share stories, give hugs, and provide words of encouragement to help our students fully embrace the masterpieces they were created to be. The word paint denotes action on our part. We are taking action to make a difference in the lives of youth. And, of course, we are using lots of real paint in the process!

Why Love?

Regardless of profession, we believe we are called, first and foremost, to love others. Love provides a fertile ground for positive change and growth to happen. And in the context of art, it provides a safe environment for self-expression, acceptance, and even emotional healing.

Because we love, we desire to bring these benefits to others. That’s why we’re assembling incredibly talented artists, generous individuals, and community organizations —to paint love through the powerful gift of art. We invite you to join us!