Tim Merritt


Tim Merritt, Photographer 


My wife Ellen Gadberry is a Paint Love artist and introduced me to Paint Love's vision and amazing work. I'd like to help people better understand the terrific cameras they carry every day in their smartphones. Unprecedented numbers of people carry these great cameras with them all the time! I want to help them express their vision with great photographs.




I've always been fascinated with photography, especially candids, street photography, light and texture. Influences include my grandmother, an amazing amateur who did it for pure love of it, and the intimate examinations of shape, light, and texture of Cartier-Bresson, Eisenstadt, Adams, Vivian Maier, Abelardo Morell. A good photograph makes the familiar unfamiliar, prompting a renewed vision in the viewer.Art and its creation needs to be shared; we all have a need to reflect and express what we experience in some way, and to engage with those kinds of expressions from others: words, music, movement, drawings, paintings, photographs, sculpture, all the arts. My art, the creation of it, takes me into the world with my eyes open. I welcome company on that journey.