Aaron Davis

Casey O'Connell is a San Francisco and Los Angeles California based artist who will be working on a mural with Paint Love the summer of 2018

Aaron Davis, Illustrator and Artist




Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in South Florida, I developed my illustrative eye while double majoring at Florida State University (B.A. Studio Art and Advertising). Upon graduating in 2015, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia for the thriving art scene. 

I’m an illustrator, poet, graphic designer, and children's book writer. My art centers blackness and the acceptance of all the forms it takes in life. I tell stories through my art to inspire those around me to action, whether it is speaking out against injustice, going out and marching or just allowing oneself to be free from societal expectations. Awareness is key when looking at the world around you and the universe within yourself. The goal of my art is to increase that awareness. My blending of poetry and visual art are vehicles for that make that message easier to digest."