Russell Shaw

Paint Love artist designer Russell Shaw

Russell Shaw, Designer and Illustrator


Graphic Design, Illustration


New York Times best-selling book illustrator and designer. PRINT Magazine “Best In Class” letterer. Brand workshop speaker. Children’s book illustrator. Visual Design instructor. Taco enthusiast.

His clients include Porsche, Tesla, Target, Kid President, Coca-Cola, AMC’s Breaking Bad, HarperCollins, DesignArmy, The Village Voice, Neenah Paper, and more.

He enjoys working with clients across a range of industries: from pitching design and strategy to executive leadership, to leading interdisciplinary collaborations with copywriters, photographers, developers, printers and manufacturers. He has experience mentoring other designers while also working hands-on alongside them. His strengths lie in thinking through design as a system, creating visual languages and style guidelines for brands to present a strong, compelling, and unified voice across all communications – as well as creating work that sometimes simply adds delight to a viewer's experience.

After many years in ATL, he now resides in foggy San Francisco with his wife and their California pup, Ella “Fitz” Fitzgerald

Madison Beaulieu

Madison Beaulieu, Printmaker, Graphic Designer

I found Paint Love through my work with nonprofits. I stalked Julie on twitter for a bit and then met up with her for coffee late 2014 and have been involved ever since! I grew up crafty - always making things, but my first "real" experience with art wasn't until senior year of high school. I was going through a lot at that time, and the ability to put my feelings out on paper was so valuable. I learned so much about myself. I really want to share that experience with others! 


I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Art Marketing, Concentrations on Printmaking and Graphic Design. In 2011, I left the good ole’ mountain town of Dahlonega to spend 2 years with a marketing agency. 

I am a freelance designer and social media manager with agency experience and background in marketing. My true love is putting ink on paper, whether that be through a screen, off a press, or by way of ink-dipped pen. Personal passions include adventuring with my husband and our sweet pup, Murphy, practicing yoga, and always learning something new.