Lisa Stauffer

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Lisa Stauffer, Author


Although from childhood she secretly longed to write fiction, Lisa Lowe Stauffer has written her way through journalism, marketing, consulting, travel writing and poetry. Her work has appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Miami Herald, Literary Mama, Stories for Children, and numerous business websites, brochures, newsletters, press releases and magazine articles.
Today, Lisa writes picture books and novels from Roswell, Georgia, and is an active volunteer with the Southern Breeze region of SCBWI. Her first book, TWO BY ZOO is scheduled for publication in 2017.

The Sketch Effect

The Sketch Effect, Illustration, Comics, Drawing


Pen and Ink, Markers, Pencil, Charcoal, Chalk, Digital


We are a team of innovative creatives dedicated to elevating ideas through remarkable visual communication. Drawing on the principle that people learn in two ways—verbally and visually—we provide creative, effective communication and marketing solutions that leverage both channels of learning. Our services include Graphic Recording, Sketchnotes, and Animated Videos.

Ashlee Haze

Ashlee Haze, Poet/Spoken Word Artist


Pen, paper, space


Kiera "Ashlee Haze" Nelson is a poet and spoken word artist from Atlanta by way of Chicago. She has been performing on the Atlanta Poetry circuit since the age of 14 and has been writing over 15 years.She is the current slam mistress & a 4-time member of Java Monkey Slam Team, 2011 Southern Fried Poetry Slam Champions. Ashlee Haze is a 2-time Women of the World Poetry Slam Finalist.

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Daryl Funn - Mistafunn


Daryl Funn (Mistafunn), Poet


Pencil, Pen, Paint, Paper and computers


Daryl A. Funn (mistafunn) Java Monkey Slam Master and Host City Coordinator for the 2016 National Poetry Slam Festival, joined the slam team in 2009. Mistafunn’s focus is delivering a memorable performance with a witty style of word play. His extensive experience with toastmasters, theatre and vocal training allows him to create an environment where his audience is not just educated but cleverly entertained. Mistafunn loves to build new poets of all ages and backgrounds.


Denise Stewart

Denise Stewart, Historian and Lover of Art


I'm a writer, photographer, and collector.


Over the years I've led workshops and served as a docent at both the Knoxville Museum of Art and the High Museum of Art. I've also taught art and art history to various school groups.

I like to share artists with my students and then explore the processes they used to make art with them. This allows people to not only get to know the artist but also to develop an appreciation for their art making process.

I attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where I received a BA in Art History.

Ross Boone

Ross Boone, Illustrator / Writer

You mean I get to hang out with kids and help them create stuff? My passion is writing and illustrating books so when Aimée contacted me to see how I could help, I thought I'd love to help the kids publish their very own books of their art and writing.


I do digital drawing and writing. I produce illustrated story books.


I first graduated in Mechanical Engineering but my classmates were getting jobs making cement and purifying water. I realized I wanted something more creative. So I got another degree in Industrial Design and designed outdoor products for 7 years. I designed things like garden gnomes, bird feeders, watering cans, and patio furniture, some of which have been sold in stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware. This degree also gave me lots of opportunity to revive my drawing skills, which I had pursued in my younger years. During this whole time I was writing books and stories. So when I got good enough at drawing to illustrate my books it was an easy transition to make! Now I've self published 5 of my own novels, memoirs and kids books! My name is Ross Boone, but if you say it fast, you'll see my pen name: Raw Spoon.

Since then I started animating my drawings and, among other projects, made a music video for  the band "Vintage Trouble." The song is called "You Better Believe It" and has 25k views!

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Lydia Mays

Lydia Mays, Children's Book Author

I LOVE the focus on connecting artists with educational stakeholders and children. There is a vital need for this in the school systems and the arts in general, and I'm thrilled to offer any of my insight or experiences in writing children's books with young writers and creators.


Children's literature, Children's books


I am a former elementary school teacher and college professor of early childhood education. My PhD is in literacy and my love is empowering children through the arts as a means to see and create more beautiful in the world. I am a social constructivist by nature, as my research, teaching, community and policy work focus on equity, empowerment and care.


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