Jessica Caldas

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Jessica Caldas, Mixed Media Artist


Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media


Jessica Caldas is an Atlanta based artist, advocate, and activist. Her work deals with connecting personal and community narratives to larger themes and social issues. Caldas has participated in numerous emerging artist residencies, including the Atlanta Printmakers Studio in 2011, MINT Gallery's Leap Year Program from 2012-2013, and WonderRoot’s 2013-2014 Walthall Fellowship. She is currently a 2018-2020 Creative Project Resident. Caldas was awarded The Center for Civic Innovations 2016 Creative Impact award, named Creative Loafing's Best of ATL Artist for 2016 and 2015, received the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Emerging Artist Award in Visual Arts for 2014, and was a finalist for the Forward Arts Foundation's Emerging Artist Award in 2014. She has shown work nationally, internationally, and throughout the city of Atlanta at various galleries and through several public art programs. Her work has been featured at Burnaway, ArtsAtl, Creative Loafing Atlanta, Atlanta Magazine, Simply Buckhead, and more.

Prior to working full time as an artist, Caldas worked with the Atlanta based non-profit, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, coordinating their Domestic Violence and Guardian ad Litem programs and continues to volunteer for the foundation. For several years was also the volunteer director of Hollaback! Atlanta, the local chapter of an international movement focused on fighting against the harassment and assault of women and the LGTBQI community in public spaces.

In her advocacy work, Caldas spends time lobbying for policy at the local level and spent time with the YWCA Georgia Women's Policy Institute at the 2016 general assembly to assure the passage of the Rape Kit Bill and in 2016 to stop HB 51 in 2017, a bill that would have harmed the safety of sexual assault survivors on college campuses.

Caldas is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts degree at Georgia State University and received her BFA in printmaking from the University of Georgia in 2012. She lives in Atlanta, GA.


Jessica comes to Paint Love through her leadership on a 5 part series of civically engaged art at Clarkston High.

Zipporah Thompson

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Zipporah Thompson, Mixed Media Artist


3D Design, Sculpture, Mixed Media


Zipporah Camille Thompson is a visual artist and sculptor based in Atlanta, Georgia. Thompson explores ritual and alchemical transformations through the unknown and through universals, including death, catastrophe, chaos, and the cosmos. Metamorphosed, shapeshifters and hybrid landscapes reflect various archaeological, psychological, and ecological perspectives, as well as a personal investigation of self and identity.

She received her MFA from the University of Georgia and her BFA from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.  Her work has been featured in a number of print and online publications. She has shown at the Zuckerman Museum of Art, Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, Rogue Space in Chelsea, the Georgia Museum of Art, and Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta, GA, as well as a host of other venues and spaces.  Her work is included in numerous private collections.  Zipporah Camille Thompson is a 2016 Artadia (Atlanta) Finalist, a Hambidge Distinguished Fellow, a former resident of ACRE Projects and Elsewhere Museum, and is a Hambidge Creative Hive Project Artist.  Thompson is most recently a recipient of the Zenobia Scholarship Award for residency at the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, in Newcastle, ME, a 2018 NCECA Multicultural Fellow, and a 2018 Idea Capital Research & Development Travel grantee.   She is currently a selected artist for The Creatives Program, with studio residency at The Goat Farm.  Thompson is represented by Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta, GA.


Zipporah comes to Paint Love through her residency with The Creatives Project.

Sara Santamaria

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Sara Santamaria, Mixed Media Artist


3D Design, Sculpture, Fiber Arts, Mixed Media


Originally from Madrid, Spain, Santamaria studied literature, theater, and fiber arts, and is currently enrolled in GSU’s 3-D studio art program. She is a 2015-16 Walthall Fellow, and her work has been featured at MOCA GA, MINT Gallery, WonderFarm, Swan Coach House Gallery, and Deer Bear Wolf.

Santamaria came to Atlanta in 2014 by way of Canada, France, and England, and her most recent work explores the dislocation and adaptation of people who decide to uproot themselves and cross borders. She co-founded Brutal studio, an all-lady run design and build studio in Atlanta, specializing in experiential events and installations.


Sara comes to Paint Love through her residency with The Creatives Project.

Nikita Raper


Nikita Raper, Ceramics and Mixed Media Artist


Ceramics, Textiles, Charcoal, and Multimedia


Nikita Raper is an Atlanta-based artist who uses sgraffito and carving techniques to draw in clay, playing with texture and contrast to bring an image to life in the round. With subject matter that covers the charmingly creepy to the boldly political, she uses natural imagery and the figure to convey experiences that are relatable and hopefully universal. 


She attended UGA to achieve a bachelor's in both Psychology and Fine Arts. She's taught at several recreation centers in Cobb County from 2015 to present, and currently teaches ceramics at Colorwheel Studio in Decatur. 

Check out Nikita's Paint Love projects! 

Samantha Muntz

Samantha Muntz, Jewelry Designer


Resin, metals, beads, wire, photographs, paper.


Art has always been a huge part of my life in some form or another. Growing up in Ohio, my grandmother and I would do different projects that we would sell at community craft shows and for the holidays. When I went off to college, I was encouraged to pursue a degree in something art related, but I fought against that idea and instead obtained a Bachelor's degree in Counseling Psychology with a minor in Intercultural Studies. After finishing undergrad in 2012, I moved to Atlanta to work with an international non-profit, all the while having people encouragingly push me to do something more public in the art field.

In 2014 I started a Master's program in Marriage and Family Therapy and started creating jewelry as a way to unwind while studying, giving it to family and friends. And in the Summer of 2015 I finally gave in and started selling my jewelry publicly as Peachy Buckeye Designs!

The root of each design is a story. Each piece created is thought up with a person I have met in mind. Almost everything I do in life involves people, and with that I have the opportunity to hear stories that represent so many different views and life experiences. Creating a small token is my way to share some of these stories with people around me. Several design themes that branch out relate to travel, culture, and coffee.

One of the hopes I have with my art is to be able to utilize it in a counseling setting to help others share their stories through something they can create!

Magdalena O'Connor


Magdalena O'Connor, Body Painter, Sculptor


Makeup Bodypaint, 2D Mixed Media, 3D casting


One could argue that the human form is the most incredible masterpiece ever created. Each is exquisite and unique.  

Our bodies are both what link us together, and what separates us from each other. Every thing we experience in life is through our bodies in some way. In order to interpret new experiences, we relate back to our bodies as a touchstone for our understanding the world. The more we are disconnected with our bodies the more we rely on society to tell us how we feel and what we want. 

Magdalena O’Connor is a talented versatile artist with a passion for body art. Trained as a special effects and makeup artist she has been Bodypainting for 10 years and has won multiple awards at prestigious Bodypainting events such as the World Body Painting Festival (Austria) and the New Zealand Body Art Awards (New Zealand) over the years she has trained with many of the masters in the field as well as refining in and developing new techniques within this exciting medium. As well as body art, Magdalena excels as a sculptor and prop maker.


Nate Nardi


Nate Nardi, Glass Artist


Blown and hot sculpted glass.


Atlanta native, Nate Nardi always found himself drawn to creative expression through making. He discovered his passion for glassblowing in 2001 and realized that glass art was the discipline he wanted to specialize.  
Nardi graduated from Jacksonville University in 2004 with a BFA in glass art, receiving an Excellence in Art award from the Dean.  In 2009, he graduated with a MFA from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. He has also completed many workshops at different craft schools around the country, like the Pilchuck School of Glass.

Nardi received commissions to make glass objets d’art for several prominent
artists including Kiki Smith and assisted with numerous large scale public installation works such as, Jon Christie’s and Caroline Madden’s Lyrical Light, held at the Times Union Center in Jacksonville Florida.  
In the years of 2009-2011, Nardi worked as a glassblowing assistant to renowned glass artist, Richard Jolley, in Knoxville, TN.  In 2011, Nardi moved back to his roots to pursue his dream of making unique hand-blown glass art.  He is owner and operator of Decatur Glassblowing located on the east side of Atlanta.  His primary artistic expression is the abstraction of natural form which can be seen in all of his work, whether sculptural, decorative, or functional.

Alice Lim

Alice Lim, Sculptor and Mixed Media Artist

There is no better way to share love but through a common interest. Everyone is born an artist, they just need someone to push it out of them.


Clay, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Pen/Ink


I have received my BFA in Interior Architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design. I have always enjoyed the sense of touch and how things feel physically and environmentally in a space. Ceramics and other forms of three dimensional art has always captured my attention and hands. The fact that I can touch the Earth and create art from something as simple as dirt or trash has always fascinated me. This led to my education in the interiors. Not only am I able to build on a large scale, but I am able to give life to an once empty space. Currently I am designing hotels, yet still working on my sculptures in my free time. The theme for my current collection has been nature and mankind combined into one form.

Catherine Goolsby


Catherine Goolsby, Metalsmithing

Metalsmithing (as all creative outlets) can be a very therapeutic tool for youth and people, it can also be a vehicle for channeling minds toward positive activities for at risk youth and helping people live more fulfilling and healthy lives. 


copper, brass, sterling silver, stones, pearls/beads


Though I’ve been working with metals before 1999, my primary focus during this decade has been the fabrication of art jewelry and small metal sculpture.  My forte is designing jewelry in sterling silver with semi-precious and precious stones to create unique, functional art work that excites and dazzles collectors.  I also work in gold and semi-precious metals and work on commission.  I also repair jewelry and restore antique metal art and jewelry.

Using some of my studies and skills in Psychology and Photography, I approach metals as a scientist, researching and documenting the impact of Metalsmithing processes; this experience enables me to see the finished product before the final work is complete (just as I saw the final pictures through the lens of the camera before the negatives were developed). 

Translating my life into the metal form has given birth to more than one collection of artwork; each piece of art embodies either a concept, passion, memory, thought or experience of my life-each has a unique, individual meaning.  The Transformed (fold form style) collection is most widely known. 

My inspiration for this sought out line of work was to incorporate the free flowing nature of fabric into the metal, successfully creating works that reveal an intentional, non-symmetric and tensionless rhythm.  My Ribbon bracelet looks like ribbon elegantly dancing around the wrist.  Select art work from my Transformed collection of jewelry has been represented at the High Museum Gift Store, the Pensacola Museum store and Topaz Gallery.

William Massey

William Massey, Sculptor

Art heals and art builds relationship. It is both personal and universal. Everyone needs to be able to utilize the peace and power of creation. And it is my vocation to share. 




As a kid I really liked to break stuff. When I chose to get a degree in art at Valdosta State University, I discovered a way of gathering brokenness to create something whole.

I see division in the world and my aim is to bring it back together. I do that physically, through art, using an array of different materials. But I also combat division in community; facilitating gatherings where art brings people together to build relationship, reconcile, and goof off.



Audrey Dakin

Audrey Dakin, Sculptor


The first time I heard about Paint Love was a few years ago while I was still finishing up my BFA in Sculpture. There was an opportunity to bring the experience of foundry to a great group of kids. They had been collecting aluminum cans for weeks and possibly months to help us collect enough metal to melt down so they could make their own relief sculptures. As an artist, it was so much fun to see a group of kids find joy in the same medium that you do. It was my first time sharing that experience with a younger generation and I didn't expect for it to be as rewarding as it was. Being able to feel the energy that radiated from the kids during that experience, is what keeps me volunteering for the arts.


Mixed Media


I graduated with my BFA in Sculpture from the Savannah College of Art and Design utilizing both the Savannah and Atlanta campuses. The move from Savannah to Atlanta influenced my work immensely! I was pushed to keep answering my own questions, to keep figuring out what was driving me to make and create. My influences constantly change but recently I have been interested in exploring the micro and macro structures found in formations created by nature. I am trying to get back into a good rhythm of creating again as I have recently started a full time position at Kennesaw State University in the Architecture department. Working as the Digital Fabrication Technician, I am able to digitally design pieces and bring them into fruition with a number of different materials. Designing my works digitally first has become a main component of my creative process that has allowed me to easily see how specific changes alter the work before I make physical ones. I create because I need to, because my natural equilibrium would be thrown off if I didn't.


Audrey's Projects:

Corrie Ladd

Corrie Ladd, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Basic Printmaking

I've been looking for a creative volunteer opportunity, and Paint Love provided it!


Graphite, Acrylic, Oil, Linoleum Block


I graduated with my BFA in Drawing from The University of Florida. My work tends to be tactile in nature, and explores layering to create a unique surface on which to create. I'm drawn to the idea of family, antiquity, and re-contextualizing mundane subject matter. This means that I frequent antique and thrift stores, collecting discarded family photos and postcards. These two things have been the foundation of a lot of my work. I hope my art continues to provide means of personal expression, as well as a way to touch others, and hopefully opens doors for travel and exploration. 



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Sabrina Barilone


Sabrina Barilone, Ceramic Scuplture

I connected with Paint Love as a school teacher and Free Art Friday Artist. I enjoyed working with Julie and the Artists so much that I realized I needed to become part of this fantastic team.




I have been teaching since 2002 and am currently working in Cobb County as an Art Teacher. I love working with young minds and helping them to appreciate Art through exposure to a variety of media and technique.

Sabrina's Projects

Miranda Kyle

Miranda Kyle, Sculptor

How I came to Paint Love sounds a little like an artist fairy tale. It all began under a bridge, with some big dogwood flowers being painted by PL founder Julie. We began discussing her non-profit, and she was looking for a metal artist for her organization's artist family and I fit the bill. The arts are a vital element in who we are are humans. Sadly, many children lack access to opportunities that allow them to explore those key elements. I love the fact that Paint Love provides the bridge between artists and kids in the community who normally miss out on a creative education. I am excited to be able to enrich young brains and equip young hands with skills they can keep for a lifetime.




As a feral kid raised between the swamps of North Carolina and the hollers and wilds of the Great Smoky Mountains, Miranda has always had a foot in a creek and her nose in a book­­ all while earnestly conversing with every critter that crossed her path. Learning was always a full contact sport, and growing up she knew she was going to be a scientist, gladiator, or maybe an owl. Constantly echoing in her head was revival hymns and pre­colonial Appalachian tales. The universe was vivid and full of stories. She began to understand this world through the indefatigable ability of her mother­­Who explained things through visual storytelling; delightfully illustrating or constructing a physical accompaniments to the tapestry of stories as explanations for this rich cacophony of culture. She soon found herself creating explanations of the world in a similar manner. It wasn’t enough to doodle out a problem to try to solve it, She needed to build it, to live inside the issue to understand it and find a resolution. Life’s equations and her experiences became monuments to uncovering the unknown. Space became the solution. In her work she shares this type of learning expression with her audience. Driven by the potential for revelation, she seeks to engage the viewer in a moment leading to an epiphany. The finished pieces create a dialogue on the beauty of human experience.

Miranda holds multiple degrees in fields ranging from BioChemistry to Fine Art. She received her MFA in sculpture from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015.


David Holcomb

David Holcomb, Metal Sculptor

It is hard and frustrating to try and make money from doing something you love. Much more rewarding to just see people enjoy your work.


Metal, Wood, Paint, Concreet, and what ever is next.


I have not studied art just practiced. I like working with my hands. In the future I would like to do more public art pieces.

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