David Broughton

David Broughton, Screen Printer


The infinite loops of lovely connections in Atlanta linked me with Paint Love. You've Been Noted to Kula Project to Plywood People to meeting Paint Love folks to realizing friends and customers of mine are already involved (shout out See Beautiful and Ross Boone)!

Why do I like volunteering for the arts? I have a deep love for screen printing, and hope that I can share my passion and energy with other people in the hopes that they can find a passionate avenue of existence as well. People helping people, right?! I'm going to screen print and talk about it, whether I get paid or not. Having the opportunity to focus that in a helpful way to others is a beautiful thing.


On shirts, I mostly use a special type of ink called plastisol ink. It will only dry under high temperature. For paper, I use waterbased inks. It's an air drying ink, so the process is a bit different.


I studied Printmaking at the University of Georgia and got my BFA in 2008, and knew from age seven or eight that I was meant to be an artist. However, I wasn't sure how that would work. The creativity of others always intimidated me, as I struggled with comparing myself to people who could draw stuff out of thin air. My strength has always been in my technique, though. I hold myself to my highest standards. In 2011, after leaving my first screen printing job, I started Baron Press. I focused strictly on t-shirt printing the first few years, but have also expanded to include printing on paper again (from gig posters to fine art prints). In 2014, I teamed up with a good college friend and excellent designer, Danielle Ramos, and we formed Shirts Y'all! - a fun collaboration showing our love for the Capital of the South.

Atlanta artists and creatives influence my work. I am lucky to call many of these people my friends. The talent pool is deep in this city! For now, I hope my art takes me deeper into the roots of this city, providing more opportunities to work with other passionate artists.

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Dustin Beaulieu

Dustin Beaulieu, Graphic Designer

I found Paint Love through my wife! I enjoy volunteering to help spread the love of art to those who don't have the means to readily experience it.


Printing, Painting, Digital Design


I studied art because I've always enjoyed the process, regardless of the medium. It doesn't really matter what I'm working with, I just enjoy the act of creating something. If I had to choose my favorites, I'd say printmaking and woodworking are at the top of the list.

I love sci-fi movies and old school video games, so most of the art I create pays homage to my nerdy background.


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