Mixed Media

Jessica Caldas

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Jessica Caldas, Mixed Media Artist


Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media


Jessica Caldas is an Atlanta based artist, advocate, and activist. Her work deals with connecting personal and community narratives to larger themes and social issues. Caldas has participated in numerous emerging artist residencies, including the Atlanta Printmakers Studio in 2011, MINT Gallery's Leap Year Program from 2012-2013, and WonderRoot’s 2013-2014 Walthall Fellowship. She is currently a 2018-2020 Creative Project Resident. Caldas was awarded The Center for Civic Innovations 2016 Creative Impact award, named Creative Loafing's Best of ATL Artist for 2016 and 2015, received the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Emerging Artist Award in Visual Arts for 2014, and was a finalist for the Forward Arts Foundation's Emerging Artist Award in 2014. She has shown work nationally, internationally, and throughout the city of Atlanta at various galleries and through several public art programs. Her work has been featured at Burnaway, ArtsAtl, Creative Loafing Atlanta, Atlanta Magazine, Simply Buckhead, and more.

Prior to working full time as an artist, Caldas worked with the Atlanta based non-profit, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, coordinating their Domestic Violence and Guardian ad Litem programs and continues to volunteer for the foundation. For several years was also the volunteer director of Hollaback! Atlanta, the local chapter of an international movement focused on fighting against the harassment and assault of women and the LGTBQI community in public spaces.

In her advocacy work, Caldas spends time lobbying for policy at the local level and spent time with the YWCA Georgia Women's Policy Institute at the 2016 general assembly to assure the passage of the Rape Kit Bill and in 2016 to stop HB 51 in 2017, a bill that would have harmed the safety of sexual assault survivors on college campuses.

Caldas is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts degree at Georgia State University and received her BFA in printmaking from the University of Georgia in 2012. She lives in Atlanta, GA.


Jessica comes to Paint Love through her leadership on a 5 part series of civically engaged art at Clarkston High.

Zipporah Thompson

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Zipporah Thompson, Mixed Media Artist


3D Design, Sculpture, Mixed Media


Zipporah Camille Thompson is a visual artist and sculptor based in Atlanta, Georgia. Thompson explores ritual and alchemical transformations through the unknown and through universals, including death, catastrophe, chaos, and the cosmos. Metamorphosed, shapeshifters and hybrid landscapes reflect various archaeological, psychological, and ecological perspectives, as well as a personal investigation of self and identity.

She received her MFA from the University of Georgia and her BFA from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.  Her work has been featured in a number of print and online publications. She has shown at the Zuckerman Museum of Art, Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, Rogue Space in Chelsea, the Georgia Museum of Art, and Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta, GA, as well as a host of other venues and spaces.  Her work is included in numerous private collections.  Zipporah Camille Thompson is a 2016 Artadia (Atlanta) Finalist, a Hambidge Distinguished Fellow, a former resident of ACRE Projects and Elsewhere Museum, and is a Hambidge Creative Hive Project Artist.  Thompson is most recently a recipient of the Zenobia Scholarship Award for residency at the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, in Newcastle, ME, a 2018 NCECA Multicultural Fellow, and a 2018 Idea Capital Research & Development Travel grantee.   She is currently a selected artist for The Creatives Program, with studio residency at The Goat Farm.  Thompson is represented by Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta, GA.


Zipporah comes to Paint Love through her residency with The Creatives Project.

Sara Santamaria

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Sara Santamaria, Mixed Media Artist


3D Design, Sculpture, Fiber Arts, Mixed Media


Originally from Madrid, Spain, Santamaria studied literature, theater, and fiber arts, and is currently enrolled in GSU’s 3-D studio art program. She is a 2015-16 Walthall Fellow, and her work has been featured at MOCA GA, MINT Gallery, WonderFarm, Swan Coach House Gallery, and Deer Bear Wolf.

Santamaria came to Atlanta in 2014 by way of Canada, France, and England, and her most recent work explores the dislocation and adaptation of people who decide to uproot themselves and cross borders. She co-founded Brutal studio, an all-lady run design and build studio in Atlanta, specializing in experiential events and installations.


Sara comes to Paint Love through her residency with The Creatives Project.



Joseph Dreher, Social Artist




I consider myself a social artist. My work is mainly described as installation art. I use a number of tools and mediums to create my work including photography, murals, street art, wheat paste, painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry to name a few. People are my primary interest and it is my appreciation for people that informs so much of my creative work. My work is always multi-dimensional because I see a world where people are not flat. They are not obstacles, or heroes, or rogues, or saints. They are people – dimensional and deep. There are no strangers in your world when you meet people fully prepared to accept who they are. My work does not seek to capture or take from them but to give and to elevate them.

I pride myself on making art that is low in cost but high in concept, fast in execution but lasting in relevance, inclusive and many times interactive. I welcome and enjoy collaboration and I have a way turning personal projects inside out, finding a way to make the work be less about the author and more integral to a community. I have collaborated with artists of all types including dancers both as a performer and exhibitor. I am inspired by others artists and people in my community and I believe in giving back for the opportunities i have been given. I do so by creating new opportunities not just for myself but to give others a chance to create. No matter how my work may evolve, or into what media I may explore, you will always find that I center myself through my great affection for people.


Joe's Projects

Pen Sherwood

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Pen Sherwood, Mixed Media Artist


Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Ceramic, Fabric, Mixed media, Collage


I am very much a self-taught artist. I studied from art books, magazines, on-line videos, etc. I also learn from seeing and doing. I loved to draw and paint since childhood and didn't even know you have to go to school to study art! Painting was for me the happiest of times. I like to approach my blank canvas with an empty mind and let the paint and the brush dance freely. I have no restrictions, no goals, no objects in mind, I just paint because it is like breathing to me. I also paint as a form of meditation. My mind is free, clear and empty, my heart filled with joy and bliss. I want others to feel this happiness when they paint or when they view my works. I have no wish for my art to take me to any place because the creation itself is my happy moment. It is the reward I never expected in the first place. I do hope that my works will somehow evoke thoughts in the viewers' minds and that they will receive the positive messages I tried to include.

Dani Frank

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Dani Frank, Mixed Media Artist 


Growing up, Dani has always had a passion for service and helping others.  In high school she traveled as far as Peru and Nicaragua to help those in need.  She spent many months tutoring English to adults trying to get their GED’s, and even joined the National Service Sorority, Omega Phi Alpha, when she started college.  Since becoming a member of Omega Phi Alpha, she has done a variety of service work in her free time.  Some of her favorite projects that she has participated in includes Rise Against Hunger, Books for Africa, Night to Shine, and Out of Darkness. 

Dani first heard about Paint Love when completing service hours for class requirements during her freshman year of college.  She spent a few weeks completing her hours and was instantly hooked! She volunteered mostly at Camp Peace and Kate’s Club, and she loved the way art brought such a huge smile to children’s faces.  After completing her required service hours for her class she continued volunteering and hasn’t stopped since!

At first, Dani only wanted to volunteer and assist projects because she didn’t believe she was a good enough artist to lead projects.  She was hesitant to become a lead artist at first because of her lack of artistic knowledge, but when she was asked to lead, she knew she could not turn down the life changing offer.  Since taking on the role of a lead artist, Dani has flourished in every project she has led.   She spends hours researching projects that will fit the needs of the students she teaches, and she makes sure that there is always a meaning behind every project whether it be educational or emotional. 

One of the biggest reasons Dani loves Paint Love is because of how happy it makes her.  Seeing children smiling from ear to ear as they create beautiful works of art is priceless, and she takes in every minute of it when she is leading.  She has found that many of the students that Paint Love impacts, look forward to the days that Paint Love comes and that they are always so excited and appreciative of the projects they have the opportunity to take part in.

Dani is a student at Kennesaw State University studying Early Childhood Education and she hopes to one day get her Master’s Degree in Counseling.  When she is not leading Paint Love projects she is either studying, nannying, teaching indoor cycling, or substitute teaching.  She looks forward to all the future projects Paint Love has in store for her.

Lauren Phillips

lauren (1).jpg

Lauren Phillips, Mixed Media, Photography


As an art teacher in a title one school, I have seen how powerful the arts are in my students' lives. I want to help empower children all over Atlanta.


Mixed media, photography & painting


I pretty much teach everything. Paint, clay, printmaking, sculpture...Art teacher. I work mostly in 2-d mixed media in my personal work. I have three art ed degrees. My concentration in undergrad was painting and photography. My work is inspired by natural forms and is mostly non-representational.

Rory Hawkins


Rory Hawkins, Mixed Media Artist, Painter


Street Art/painting/woodcut/ Acrylic and aerosol primarily


I've been surrounded by art my entire life. My father was an arts educator who shared his love of the arts with me throughout my childhood. That encouragement led me to study visual arts at Georgia State University from 2006-2010. I graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art, and continued to stay active in the arts, interning at MINT Gallery for several years and working a brief period at Wentworth Gallery. I began painting and posting cats around the streets of Atlanta around 2010 and haven't stopped since. Through my paintings of cats and the way that I share them with the residents of Atlanta, I hope to encourage exploration and adoration of the amazing city we all call home. I like painting fun and happy images that are accessible to everyone as well as visually appealing. I hope to continue to live and work and build as an artist in this city for many years to come.


Scott Silvey



Many materials through multiple outlets with a focus on installation


Scott Silvey was raised in the fields and woodlands of central Indiana. After receiving a degree in psychology from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, he went on to earn an M.F.A. in sculpture from Georgia State University in Atlanta. He has presented his work in both solo and group exhibitions across the United States and abroad. In addition to earning multiple honors and awards, magazines such as Sculpture, Art Papers, and Antennae have featured his work. Scott is currently a 2015 – 2017 Artist Resident at The Goat Farm Arts Center through The Creatives Project, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee, Mixed Media


Acrylic painting, collage, print-making, sewing, embroidery, crochet


I am a self-taught mixed media artist. I love to paint, but I also like to try any new techniques and collect all kinds of useless do-dads to incorporate into collage, jewelry or funky fabric piece. After a few years of selling my artwork, I realize I'd rather teach people how to enjoy the art-making process for themselves. Although I have published a few articles and filmed several crafty how-to videos, I most enjoy encouraging others side by side in a messy art studio. As I think about my future as an artist, I want to focus on helping people of all ages cope with life challenges through art.

Ellen Gadberry


Ellen Gadberry, Mixed Media


Reclaimed paper collage, paper mache, construction - and lots of other miscellany!


“Let’s make something!” From my earliest memories, I said that - to my mom and grandma, my playmates and peers, and in the quiet company of my own imagination. I’ve always been an artistic autodidact (and if you are compelled to go and look that term up, you are probably one too!) and making craft, making art, making in its forms has always been at the core of who I am.

Throughout my career in and around the classroom, my happiest and humblest moments have been when I am witness to the contemplation, insight and self-awareness that comes out of art-making, and boy, is it fun when there is great joy and laughter and delight as well – what a privilege to facilitate that!

My current work is happening at the intersection of creativity and spirituality. I am both a leader and a learner in workshops and retreats on crafting as a spiritual practice, and I have just launched my new website at comtemplativecrafting.com – come visit anytime!


Dayle Bennett

Dayle Bennett, Graphic Design and Crafter


Paper, fabric, wood, paint, and yarn.


I'm Dayle "the Maker", a Creative Designer living in Atlanta. I have been creating wonderful things all my life. I'm passionate about modern design, textiles, paper, color and technology. I also teach design classes and creative workshops. Crafting has been my obsession for over 20 years and I love it.

During the day, I get to flex my designer muscles as the Creative Director for the Center for Civic Innovation. A non profit with great people who care about Atlanta and how we can make it a better place to live. So I guess you can call me a Creative Do-Gooder!

I'm surrounded by inspiration daily. I see beautiful things all the time while commuting to work, taking a walk and traveling. I enjoy combining my love for design with color, texture and technology. The goal of the Number 4 Design Studio is to MAKE pretty things, INSPIRE you with awesome pics and SHARE what I find.

Dayle's Projects

Ali Nelson

Ali Nelson, Multi-disciplinary Artist

While attending art school at School of the Art Institute in Chicago, I volunteered and ran an art program at a local under-resourced elementary and junior high school. It was an incredible experience and an incredible challenge. I found art to be an opportunity to use my voice, process my past and tell stories about my life in a unique and abstract way. Teaching these awesome kids how to express themselves and tell their own stories through paint and disposable cameras over time was one of the most meaningful ways I've used my artistic ability.


Mixed media, watercolor, paint, hand lettering, sculpture, and disposable cameras.


I studied Criminal Justice for my undergrad, but found my way into expressing myself through art after a difficult season. I decided to go back to school and study at School of the Art Institute. I'm super inspired by process and mark making. Words. Vibrancy. Purpose. I want to encourage and inspire people with my work.

Amy Myers

Amy Myers, Painter / Teacher  

I love my students. I love creating art. Paint Love helps me connect my two passions and create deep and lasting experiences for the community in which I spend my days. 


Chalk, Acrylics, and anything I can draw with.


I am an artist. Like most artists, I create from an authentic place. I do not have a formal background in art so I use what makes me feel good as a guide when creating. I love bringing my version of beauty into my corner of the world. Whether it be painting a picture with words on a page or with acrylics on a canvas, I believe in the power of creative expression.
I am a teacher. I have been integrating the arts in my classroom for 10 years. I believe that art of any kind should be an expression of a person’s interpretation of life. I teach young children how think deeply about the world around them and then how to express those thoughts through different art modalities. I find that this integration of arts and curriculum is the most effective way to teach state standards. I have the privilege of teaching a community of creative change-makers. My students are learning to lose their fear of being wrong and learning to view the world through the eyes of an artist.


Amy's Projects

Margaret Crane

Margaret Crane, Photographer, Painter, Mixed Media

I am drawn to Paint Love's mission and vision of connecting youth with artists and working with organizations. I am an art educator, and love building community. I also love using art and the creative process to teach and share stories of those involved. When I saw the presentation at Plywood Presents, I knew I needed to be involved in some way.


I have worked with various mediums, but mostly with painting, set design/installations, and darkroom photography.


I have always loved art and dreamed of being an artist, I went to the College of Charleston where I pursued art, concentrating on black and white photography and acrylic painting. Soon after, I began work overseeing and developing art programs for The Children's Museum of the Lowcountry. Here I saw the value of the arts in education and the creative process, and desired to continue to use that to invest in families in the community. I then pursued a graduate degree from SCAD in Art Education. In 2010, I finished this degree and instead of teaching began working for a local church. Here, I developed a dream and vision of mine-a mobile art studio. I found and remodeled a full size school bus that allowed a team of artists to go to various places throughout the city and teach art and lead programs. In 2015, I moved to Atlanta to pursue more of my career as an artist and be a part of the creative community here! I look forward to being involved and getting to know children and their families throughout the city, while creating together!

Margaret's Projects:

Caitlin Chase

Caitlin Chase, Mixed Media

At first I didn't know very much about Paint Love, but the more I read a about it online the more excited I was to be a part of it. I am an art education major and am always looking for ways to get involved and use some of the skills I have acquired. The arts are important and something I believe in. The arts helps kids solve problems use their imagination,and think differently that they are used to. I welcome any opportunity to share this with others!


Watercolor, graphite, acrylic, and oil paint


Art began as a hobby for me,but eventually turned into much more. I studied art at Kennesaw State University where I have had a wide range of instruction in sculpture,printmaking,painting, drawing, photography,and ceramics. Most of my work is 2D, and I experiment with different mediums such as acrylic, oils, ink, and watercolor. Oil is my new favorite. Creating art has always been about an exploration of emotion and the capturing of a moment. These feelings find themselves within specific visual images or abstractions. Color and line quality play an important role. I often paint dancers and recently has been experimenting with portraiture. I hope to continue developing and refining my work in the future.


Caitlin's Projects

Hannah Kimbrough

Hannah Kimbrough, Creative Expressive Therapist and Re-Purposing Enthusiast

I truly believe in this organization, its leadership, and its mission. Sylvia Plath once said, "The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." Paint Love works to draw out creativity within kids who come from all kinds of situations that may lead to self-doubt. I believe creativity is a strength we all have, but may not all realize. Pain Love creates compelling opportunities for creativity to shine and for self-doubt to diminish so how could I not be a part of it?


Mixed Media


Hannah is a Licensed Master Social Worker and a graduate of the University of Arkansas where she continues to teach online as a visiting instructor. As an Atlanta area therapist, Hannah loves using creative expressive techniques with her clients! She enjoys combining her clinical skills with artistic influences that empower others to express themselves in ways they may not have imagined. Many times people seek therapy because there is so much going on inside their heads. Art is a tangible way to get those overwhelming thoughts, beliefs, and emotions out of yourself in a way that is more manageable and also makes change easier to visualize. When Hannah is not teaching or working with clients, she likes engaging in her creative outlet of repurposing furniture and other mixed media projects for her booth in an antique store. She appreciates the endless options repurposing gives her as well at the idea of making old things new again. Whether it is with objects or people, Hannah believes in restoring brokenness by drawing out beauty through hidden potential.


Email Hannah

Hannah's Projects

Christina Wert



I met Julie through our neighborhood Facebook group! It sounded like a fun way to get to know other local artists and help kids get in touch with their artistic side! She, and a few of my other artistic friends, have encouraged me to get back into painting and doodling, which I haven't done in years.

To me, art isn't an elective, it's essential. It makes my brain work better, it makes me feel like myself. It's an extension of my spirit I can express visually, and it's as comforting as a favorite pair of old pants. I want everyone to know the joy, the catharsis, the treasure of what art can be to them, and let them be free to play. This crazy world can brush aside that need so quickly. The longer I try to nurture my artistic skills, the more I realize how important art is to me. I'm looking forward to sharing its wonderful expressiveness and freedom with others, especially those who might need a splash of color in their lives.


Yarn, needlepoint floss, oil pastels, colored pencils, paint, beads & wire, collected odds and ends, tablet & stylus or computer & mouse


I've loved making art since before I could talk. My parents bought me big, round crayons for my little hands and encouraged me to pursue my passion. As I grew up, I was always writing stories, drawing, and creating through cross stitch, and anything crafty I could get my hands on. I took art classes in and out of school throughout my childhood, learned to draw cartoons, made jewelry, and refined my love for painting and crafting, and in high school I really discovered the wonders of digital photography and web design. I attended James Madison University in Virginia, and graduated with a Media Arts and Design degree in Interactive Media with a minor in Art.

In the years since my graduation in 2008, I've mostly worked for myself, doing freelance web/graphic design and social media management, learning new artsy hobbies and working on the old ones. After I got married and moved to Atlanta, I began re-exploring my love for oil pastels, and I learned how to crochet! My penchant for collecting small, interesting things makes it really easy to make mixed media pieces, and I'm always looking for fun new things to make and experiment with! I never want to lose my sense of wonder or desire to try new things.

Making gifts for people is probably one of my favorite things to do, particularly with crochet, cross stitch or jewelry! I'm also a fantasy writer, and at the heart of most of my art, I'm always trying to tell a story, capture a feeling, or to express my love for the things I find most beautiful, fun, or inspiring in life.

As for inspiration, I always find new ideas in nature and history, and other people's art and perspectives! Other than enjoying the great outdoors, books on tape, city gardens or museums, I'm always looking for interesting nature and historical documentaries, or artsy or classic movies/shows to get my creative juices flowing. I love exploring new places and experiences nearby, or around the world. I also like myths and fairy tales, and I love watching animation, puppetry and other visual art forms from around the world so I can gather all the stories I can. 

I live in Decatur, GA with my wonderful, supportive husband and our adorable cats.





Christina's Projects