Elise Aronson



Encaustic and Assemblage 


I have a bachelor's degree in art education from Georgia State Univ. My art is inspired by my spiritual practice and my love of collecting natural objects, vintage items, and ephemera. I believe that art is an innermost expression of our true selves. As my art practice evolves, I remain committed to the power of the underlying spiritual expression. My hope is my art will inspire others and serve as a catalyst for personal transformation. Currently, I incorporate encaustic painting techniques and assemblage. My hope is that I can use my talents as an art teacher to help people express themselves creatively and thereby act as a form of healing.

Elise's Projects:

Kim McGill Stuart


Kim McGill Stuart, Painter, Assemblage artist

I was drawn to Paint Love because of the concept that art can heal young people living in traumatic times - giving them tools to mentally survive their current conditions. I feel that any art medium has the power to be a catalyst for journey(s) that can propel us forward to new ideas and experiences. I believe what we learn from those experiences can heal the soul and the body.


Encaustic Wax, Found Objects


Kim McGill Stuart is an artist and experienced teacher focusing on the use of encaustic wax in 2D and some 3D pieces. Kim begins by blending encaustic wax, oil pastels and blow torch to bring swirling visions of textures and color to life. Kim feels she has truly found her calling. The works are multidimensional pieces that serve to both enhance their surroundings and intrigue the viewer with colors and shades. Her more extensive background in printmaking, assemblage and collage is what drew Kim to experimenting with encaustic wax and that hallmark is seen throughout the collection as well.

A cancer survivor, Kim expresses some of the strong feelings of pain and struggle, loss and wisdom that resulted, (and are beyond words), through her bold colors and scorched wood:

“ I am moved with what my situation is at the moment... do I feel good, am I feeling pain, am I soothed, am I stressed, is my future unknown(?) I find myself lost in the multiple layers of found objects, textures, strokes, marks, splotches and scratches...
The obsession to express frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accident and grace to influence the finished product.”

Kim has a Bachelor of Fine Art in printmaking and computer design from the University of West Florida, Pensacola and has been featured in numerous shows and galleries and awarded with some prestigious grants. Her teaching career has explored vast levels of creative platforms, spanning her work as adjunct professor at her Alma Mater in digital painting and graphic design, to developing educational material for the military, leading a team of developers in creating 3D animations to train Naval aviators. She currently resides in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, and teaches a large number of classes locally and does commissions.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with this encaustic wax medium needs to witness first-hand it’s fluidity and ever-changing nature, reminiscent of the process of life and, on a lighter note, the way warm butter melts on toast and then re-solidifies as it cools… into a totally new form than before yet hauntingly still the same substance. This thought of Kim’s is what inspired her pseudonym, WuKoolButter: a witty, bold and sharp persona who can be found online collaborating in artistic circles…



Penny Treese

Penny Treese, Encaustic Painter

The healing arts saved me during my darkest times and I am dedicated to giving back by using my talents in teaching, guiding and loving through art.


Encaustic painting and collage. Any medium used to teach children's projects.


Artist Statement

Are beauty and aging contradictions in terms?

Penny Treese’s masterful encaustic works invite an answer to this question.
Observing the way our culture treats aging as an evil to avoid, Treese’s technique begins with an out-of-focus photograph of a nude woman on thin paper. She distresses the image with water, wine, coffee, salt and cold—natural elements that age the human body. Finally, applying heat to layers of molten unbleached beeswax and vivid pigment, Treese creates a beauty and integrity from her “aged” work—ultimately answering the afore mentioned question with an empathic and absolute No.

Themes of stillness, presence and reflection are revealed throughout Penny Treese’s paintings, in both her figurative work and sea/landscapes. The interplay of molten unbleached beeswax and lustrous pigment creates images of land and sea, sea and sky, body and figure as field. Using an iron to apply heat and delicate pressure, Treese transforms meticulously manipulated wax and paint. The work occupies a space, fluid between landscape and portraiture, the body as field.

About the Artist - Biography
With encaustic, Penny Treese discovered an unrestricted way of painting that has led her far beyond her training (BS degree in Graphic Design and art, cum laude with honors) and experience in graphic design and traditional instruction in the arts. She stumbled upon the works of an encaustic artist and was taken with the “vibrant pigments, translucency in layering and sensual textures” of the medium. She was, at the same time, exploring how to paint freely and tap into an inner source to paint intuitively. As a result, she left her career as an art director in advertising to follow the path in fine art that opened up to her.

Since, what she terms, her “revelations,” she has realized a long-held dream to be a fine artist and art instructor even as she balances the demands of her life as a wife and mother of three children. She has recently taught within Binder’s Art Supply, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, The Art School of Sandy Springs, Garage Door Studios, Paint Love, Red Deer College-Canada, Spruill Center for the Arts and with nationally known encaustic artist, Michael David’s F.A.W.S.-Fine Arts Workshop & Atelier. In addition, she has attended national conferences of encaustic painting led by prominent artists working in the medium.

In a relatively short time, Penny has been accepted and won awards in a number of juried exhibitions including, most recently, winning Best of Show in a group show and competition at the Decatur Market and Gallery, juried by internationally renowned art critic Bill Arnett. Her paintings hang in numerous private and public collections.


Penny's Projects