Art Auction 2018

Brandon Sadler (Rising Red Lotus)

Paint Love artist Brandon Sadler Rising Red Lotus

Brandon Sadler aka Rising Red Lotus, a name which also serves as a mantra telling the story of the lotus who’s roots were sown deep in the mud of good and evil, who gathered nutrients from both sides, and rose to the surface to become whole. He is a native ATLien, earned a BFA in Painting and Illustration from SCAD Atlanta and is a multi-disciplinary artist, calligrapher, film director, and writer. 

Sadler's style and art making philosophy is a collection of influences from his experience in American graffiti, and his studies in traditional Korean, Chinese, and Japanese calligraphy and painting, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, comic books, graphic design, and indigenous symbolism and lore. 

One notable characteristic of his work is the text that he incorporates; it is all written using the English alphabet, but designed to emulate the Chinese character system. While living in Seoul, South Korea, Brandon saw a structural connection between English and Hogul through a shared use of vowels and consonants to form words.

Merging his awareness of these similarities with his experience as a graffiti writer, Sadler began to develop an intricate writing system that begins in brush calligraphy and can be adapted to typography and design. Cultural connectivity is a huge component in his work, which mirrors the social progression of our contemporary environment. Conceptually, his imagery speaks to a universal human condition within concepts surrounding change, connectivity, perception, and self-actualization.

Sadler is renowned for his public mural works and his solo and group exhibitions have brought him accolades as one of Atlanta's most prolific artists collected by individuals as well as the High Museum of Art. In addition to activating the fine art and public art worlds, he has also worked with several major brands to successfully bring his unique vision into the commercial space. 


Karen Anderson (Tiny Doors ATL)

Paint Love artist Karen Anderson of Tiny Doors ATL

Tiny Doors ATL is an Atlanta-based art project bringing big wonder to tiny spaces. The constantly evolving installation pieces are an interactive part of their community. With the installation of a door, what was once a wall or the column of a bridge becomes an entrance to collective creativity and an invitation to whimsy. Tiny Doors ATL is dedicated to free and accessible art. The doors are always free to visit and accessible to people of all ages.

Karen Anderson's life-long love of both miniatures and street art culminated in her dream job as the artist behind Tiny Doors ATL. Before graduating with a degree in Visual Art from Rutgers University, she took years off to play bass in a touring jazz/punk band, gaining a deep appreciation for community created through art. Her work has been featured in Oprah Magazine, NPR, the Travel Channel,, Buzzfeed, and more. On any given day, Karen can be found on street-level around Atlanta, maintaining her miniature installations and chatting with passers-by.


Gina Kerlew

Paint Love artist Gina Kerlew

Gina Kirlew is an Atlanta-based cartoonist who enjoys making people smile with her paintings of cute food, silly comic stories and fun accessories that are full of personality. She has a Bachelor's in Traditional Animation from the School of Visual Arts in New York and a Master's in Graphic Design from Nottingham Trent University in England. Her days are often filled with awesome people, inspirational conversations and looking for more ways in which she can spread joy and happiness into the world with her art. She loves talking, collecting fake food, dancing to 80s music, speaking German and traveling. She is a native New Yorker of Jamaican decent.


Jonny Warren (AKA The Double Wolf)

Jonny Warren (AKA The Double Wolf) was an artist at the 2018 Paint Love Artist Challenge live painting fundraising event in Atlanta that raised money to bring art to kids facing poverty or trauma.

Jonny is a transplant from Florida who made Atlanta his home in 2010 after graduating from Florida State University with a BFA in Studio Art.  He specializes in detailed pen and ink drawings inspired by the styles of old engravings and illustrations.  In his work, he takes fauna and flora imbued with historical and traditional symbolism and offers alternative representations based on his personal experiences and observations of the world around him.

Jonny participated in the 2018 Artist Challenge! See more about the event here

Hannah + the Cosmos


Hannah is a New Zealand-born multidisciplinary artist and wannabe astronomer. Atlanta-based for the past 10 years, Hannah uses art as the phrasebook for translating questions of cultural identity and belonging, and as a toolbox for rebuilding a ‘home’ in place of the one she misses.

Her affection for space began early in life, inspired by hours of stargazing with her father, and what began as wide-eyed wonder has transformed into a deep respect for the conversation between control and chaos. 

Her work is one part longing for the glow-in-the-dark star-covered bedroom ceiling of her childhood, and three parts surrender to the miraculous confluence of choice and chance that makes the human experience so beautiful.

Hannah has her BA in visual communication from the Institute of Technology in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Hannah participated in the 2018 Artist Challenge! See more about the event here

Brent Coleman


Brent Coleman, Painter 


Acrylic, oil, mixed media


Within my work, I deconstruct American culture via acrylic and oil painting, and mixed media pieces. Having engaged subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, hip hop music and modern literature, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. I was a business major at Morehouse College, with a minor in Art and studied with Arturo Lindsey, Toby Martin and Charnelle Holloway at Spelman College.


I am a mixed media artist, and have always had an affinity for music and literature, and my works are representative of merging that reality. I think of myself as more of an archivist. Hip hop as always been viewed by those outside its realm as something disposable, and my work seeks to shatter that myth. People who have a deep appreciation for working man music and its practitioners should find the work intriguing. Like many others who grew up in the 70s and 80s, I was a hip hop fan from inception. From albums and 8 tracks to 90 minute cassettes and cds, i was a fan. Spent many a night with my head next to my dad's stereo with the maxell on play, pause and record, listening to Red Alert and Marley Marl cooking lovely mixes on the radio. This is about architect music and its documentation-we know the matrix is just a better built cell block, a long way from the shelltops and the bells that L rocked.

This is for the culture.

Nikita Raper


Nikita Raper, Ceramics and Mixed Media Artist


Ceramics, Textiles, Charcoal, and Multimedia


Nikita Raper is an Atlanta-based artist who uses sgraffito and carving techniques to draw in clay, playing with texture and contrast to bring an image to life in the round. With subject matter that covers the charmingly creepy to the boldly political, she uses natural imagery and the figure to convey experiences that are relatable and hopefully universal. 


She attended UGA to achieve a bachelor's in both Psychology and Fine Arts. She's taught at several recreation centers in Cobb County from 2015 to present, and currently teaches ceramics at Colorwheel Studio in Decatur. 

Check out Nikita's Paint Love projects! 

Mike Lowery


Mike Lowery, Author + Artist 


Mike worked with Paint Love's not-so-typical annual art auction- Paint Love Live! 

See more here:


Mike Lowery is an author and artist living in Atlanta, Georgia with a beautiful German lady named Katrin and his incredibly genius daughter, Allister. Mike’s work has been seen on everything from greetings cards to dozens of children’s books to gallery walls all over the world. 

Mike has had the enormous pleasure to work on a TON of books.  You can check out most of them here:  MIKE LOWERY’S BOOKS

His illustration clients include: workman publishing, digitas, hallmark, simon and schuster, random house, walker books for young readers, Nick Jr magazine, gallison/mudpuppy, GP Putnam and Sons book for young readers, Viking, macmillan, georgia pacific, American Greetings, Disney, Kids Can Press, as well as many Graphic Design and Advertising Agencies.  He now travels nationally giving talks about art and books to schools, universities and bookstores.

He has been featured/interviewed in the Washington Post, Creative Loafing, the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, the Washington City Paper and many others and a few years back he showed 16 of his tiny drawings in a show in Beijing.

Mike is also the co-founder of Paper Ghost a gallery and studio space in Atlanta’s Candler Park.

Lisa Stauffer

Lisa 05.jpg

Lisa Stauffer, Author


Although from childhood she secretly longed to write fiction, Lisa Lowe Stauffer has written her way through journalism, marketing, consulting, travel writing and poetry. Her work has appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Miami Herald, Literary Mama, Stories for Children, and numerous business websites, brochures, newsletters, press releases and magazine articles.
Today, Lisa writes picture books and novels from Roswell, Georgia, and is an active volunteer with the Southern Breeze region of SCBWI. Her first book, TWO BY ZOO is scheduled for publication in 2017.

Samantha Muntz

Samantha Muntz, Jewelry Designer


Resin, metals, beads, wire, photographs, paper.


Art has always been a huge part of my life in some form or another. Growing up in Ohio, my grandmother and I would do different projects that we would sell at community craft shows and for the holidays. When I went off to college, I was encouraged to pursue a degree in something art related, but I fought against that idea and instead obtained a Bachelor's degree in Counseling Psychology with a minor in Intercultural Studies. After finishing undergrad in 2012, I moved to Atlanta to work with an international non-profit, all the while having people encouragingly push me to do something more public in the art field.

In 2014 I started a Master's program in Marriage and Family Therapy and started creating jewelry as a way to unwind while studying, giving it to family and friends. And in the Summer of 2015 I finally gave in and started selling my jewelry publicly as Peachy Buckeye Designs!

The root of each design is a story. Each piece created is thought up with a person I have met in mind. Almost everything I do in life involves people, and with that I have the opportunity to hear stories that represent so many different views and life experiences. Creating a small token is my way to share some of these stories with people around me. Several design themes that branch out relate to travel, culture, and coffee.

One of the hopes I have with my art is to be able to utilize it in a counseling setting to help others share their stories through something they can create!

Ashlee Haze

Ashlee Haze, Poet/Spoken Word Artist


Pen, paper, space


Kiera "Ashlee Haze" Nelson is a poet and spoken word artist from Atlanta by way of Chicago. She has been performing on the Atlanta Poetry circuit since the age of 14 and has been writing over 15 years.She is the current slam mistress & a 4-time member of Java Monkey Slam Team, 2011 Southern Fried Poetry Slam Champions. Ashlee Haze is a 2-time Women of the World Poetry Slam Finalist.

Website / Shop / Facebook / Twitter

Ellen Gadberry


Ellen Gadberry, Mixed Media


Reclaimed paper collage, paper mache, construction - and lots of other miscellany!


“Let’s make something!” From my earliest memories, I said that - to my mom and grandma, my playmates and peers, and in the quiet company of my own imagination. I’ve always been an artistic autodidact (and if you are compelled to go and look that term up, you are probably one too!) and making craft, making art, making in its forms has always been at the core of who I am.

Throughout my career in and around the classroom, my happiest and humblest moments have been when I am witness to the contemplation, insight and self-awareness that comes out of art-making, and boy, is it fun when there is great joy and laughter and delight as well – what a privilege to facilitate that!

My current work is happening at the intersection of creativity and spirituality. I am both a leader and a learner in workshops and retreats on crafting as a spiritual practice, and I have just launched my new website at – come visit anytime!


Dayle Bennett

Dayle Bennett, Graphic Design and Crafter


Paper, fabric, wood, paint, and yarn.


I'm Dayle "the Maker", a Creative Designer living in Atlanta. I have been creating wonderful things all my life. I'm passionate about modern design, textiles, paper, color and technology. I also teach design classes and creative workshops. Crafting has been my obsession for over 20 years and I love it.

During the day, I get to flex my designer muscles as the Creative Director for the Center for Civic Innovation. A non profit with great people who care about Atlanta and how we can make it a better place to live. So I guess you can call me a Creative Do-Gooder!

I'm surrounded by inspiration daily. I see beautiful things all the time while commuting to work, taking a walk and traveling. I enjoy combining my love for design with color, texture and technology. The goal of the Number 4 Design Studio is to MAKE pretty things, INSPIRE you with awesome pics and SHARE what I find.

Dayle's Projects

Catherine Goolsby


Catherine Goolsby, Metalsmithing

Metalsmithing (as all creative outlets) can be a very therapeutic tool for youth and people, it can also be a vehicle for channeling minds toward positive activities for at risk youth and helping people live more fulfilling and healthy lives. 


copper, brass, sterling silver, stones, pearls/beads


Though I’ve been working with metals before 1999, my primary focus during this decade has been the fabrication of art jewelry and small metal sculpture.  My forte is designing jewelry in sterling silver with semi-precious and precious stones to create unique, functional art work that excites and dazzles collectors.  I also work in gold and semi-precious metals and work on commission.  I also repair jewelry and restore antique metal art and jewelry.

Using some of my studies and skills in Psychology and Photography, I approach metals as a scientist, researching and documenting the impact of Metalsmithing processes; this experience enables me to see the finished product before the final work is complete (just as I saw the final pictures through the lens of the camera before the negatives were developed). 

Translating my life into the metal form has given birth to more than one collection of artwork; each piece of art embodies either a concept, passion, memory, thought or experience of my life-each has a unique, individual meaning.  The Transformed (fold form style) collection is most widely known. 

My inspiration for this sought out line of work was to incorporate the free flowing nature of fabric into the metal, successfully creating works that reveal an intentional, non-symmetric and tensionless rhythm.  My Ribbon bracelet looks like ribbon elegantly dancing around the wrist.  Select art work from my Transformed collection of jewelry has been represented at the High Museum Gift Store, the Pensacola Museum store and Topaz Gallery.

Dustin Beaulieu

Dustin Beaulieu, Graphic Designer

I found Paint Love through my wife! I enjoy volunteering to help spread the love of art to those who don't have the means to readily experience it.


Printing, Painting, Digital Design


I studied art because I've always enjoyed the process, regardless of the medium. It doesn't really matter what I'm working with, I just enjoy the act of creating something. If I had to choose my favorites, I'd say printmaking and woodworking are at the top of the list.

I love sci-fi movies and old school video games, so most of the art I create pays homage to my nerdy background.


Dustin's Projects

Ross Boone

Ross Boone, Illustrator / Writer

You mean I get to hang out with kids and help them create stuff? My passion is writing and illustrating books so when Aimée contacted me to see how I could help, I thought I'd love to help the kids publish their very own books of their art and writing.


I do digital drawing and writing. I produce illustrated story books.


I first graduated in Mechanical Engineering but my classmates were getting jobs making cement and purifying water. I realized I wanted something more creative. So I got another degree in Industrial Design and designed outdoor products for 7 years. I designed things like garden gnomes, bird feeders, watering cans, and patio furniture, some of which have been sold in stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware. This degree also gave me lots of opportunity to revive my drawing skills, which I had pursued in my younger years. During this whole time I was writing books and stories. So when I got good enough at drawing to illustrate my books it was an easy transition to make! Now I've self published 5 of my own novels, memoirs and kids books! My name is Ross Boone, but if you say it fast, you'll see my pen name: Raw Spoon.

Since then I started animating my drawings and, among other projects, made a music video for  the band "Vintage Trouble." The song is called "You Better Believe It" and has 25k views!

Website + Shop


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Ross's Projects

Lindsay Ryden

Lindsay Ryden, Painter

I discovered Paint Love and the beautiful soul behind it, Julie Ann McKevitt, at a Plywood conference in Atlanta. She was one of the few painters listed in attendance, and I was so glad to connect with her. Her cause immediately spoke to me, and I was on board even before I was asked.

Within every human experience is a need to connect with something bigger than yourself, outside of your own established routine. Visual artists have the privilege of bringing tangible truths to ideas. Paint Love works to curate these ideas for good. They connect, fill the need, and transform concept into reality. It is a joy to be a small part of this bigger force for change and love within the community.


As a painter, I work in watercolor, primarily. As an illustrator, dry media and ink. And as a muralist/scenic painter, acrylic.


Ever since I can remember, art has been my passion. From a little girl scrawling pencil marks along the wall (when no one was watching), to attending art school in Savannah where I was able to hone in on and cultivate my love for painting, until now, post-BFA, diving headlong into freelance life.

I feel an intense connection to my work and to the people I have the pleasure to work with.

My love for Andrew Wyeth is never far from the heart of my painting. His attention to detail and ability to capture the stillness and emotion of his subjects never ceases to amaze me.

I find inspiration in the quietness of moments. In the silent nothing of things overlooked. I see beauty in the hurt places and the scars. I find humor and joy in the human condition. And above everything, I find an unspeakable love for creating.


Lindsay's Projects

Julie Ann McKevitt

Julie Ann McKevitt, Painter

Julie Ann McKevitt is the owner of Julie McKevitt, LLC and the co-founder of Paint Love.  She has worked with groups of all ages and needs.  She loves bringing fun projects and new painting techniques to students, allowing them self-expression in the creative process.


Acrylic Painting & Mixed Media


Julie Ann McKevitt is a visual artist in metro-Atlanta. She is particularly known for her large detailed flower paintings, her happy and bright images, and elegant event decor. Julie Ann brings whimsy and fun to canvas as well as non-traditional surfaces.

In 2014, Julie Ann’s postcard design was selected as one of the City of Decatur’s official postcards. Commissioned for Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, Julie Ann painted the large “Dogwood Blooms” mural underneath the Westview Drive Bridge in Atlanta in August of 2014.

A large part of Julie Ann’s business has been devoted to using art to positively impact local youth. After witnessing a strong need for artistic outlets for youth, Julie Ann, along with her husband Aaron, began Paint Love in 2013. Julie Ann is the executive director of Paint Love as well as a volunteer artist.  She believes in the therapeutic power art can have and strives to give young people the ability to grow through art.

Julie Ann currently resides in Decatur, GA, with her husband, the foster children they serve and their golden retriever, Grady. 


Julie's Projects

Morgan Corbett

Morgan Corbett, Photographer and Painter

I met Julie through our small group at Decatur City Church and quickly found out about Paint Love! I am such a believer in the impact art can have and that is a major part of why I chose to pursue a career in art education for several years. Now that I pursue my photography business full time, I love that Paint Love gives me opportunities to incorporate both of those passions to help make a difference. 


Digital Photography, Acrylic


Morgan graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.F.A in Studio Art and Art Education. For the past 5 years she taught drawing, painting, photography, and design classes to high school students every day. She now pursues her photography business full time, but loves that Paint Love gives her opportunities to still incorporate her passion for teaching. In addition to photography, Morgan uses a variety of mediums and subject matter, and tries to incorporate a whimsical and colorful perspective into all of her work. She has a passion for design, and sharing her love of art with others. Morgan currently lives in Conyers, GA with her husband Shane and is expecting a baby boy in December! She enjoys creating, decorating her house, and going on adventures.