Art Auction 2016

Catherine Goolsby


Catherine Goolsby, Metalsmithing

Metalsmithing (as all creative outlets) can be a very therapeutic tool for youth and people, it can also be a vehicle for channeling minds toward positive activities for at risk youth and helping people live more fulfilling and healthy lives. 


copper, brass, sterling silver, stones, pearls/beads


Though I’ve been working with metals before 1999, my primary focus during this decade has been the fabrication of art jewelry and small metal sculpture.  My forte is designing jewelry in sterling silver with semi-precious and precious stones to create unique, functional art work that excites and dazzles collectors.  I also work in gold and semi-precious metals and work on commission.  I also repair jewelry and restore antique metal art and jewelry.

Using some of my studies and skills in Psychology and Photography, I approach metals as a scientist, researching and documenting the impact of Metalsmithing processes; this experience enables me to see the finished product before the final work is complete (just as I saw the final pictures through the lens of the camera before the negatives were developed). 

Translating my life into the metal form has given birth to more than one collection of artwork; each piece of art embodies either a concept, passion, memory, thought or experience of my life-each has a unique, individual meaning.  The Transformed (fold form style) collection is most widely known. 

My inspiration for this sought out line of work was to incorporate the free flowing nature of fabric into the metal, successfully creating works that reveal an intentional, non-symmetric and tensionless rhythm.  My Ribbon bracelet looks like ribbon elegantly dancing around the wrist.  Select art work from my Transformed collection of jewelry has been represented at the High Museum Gift Store, the Pensacola Museum store and Topaz Gallery.

David Broughton

David Broughton, Screen Printer


The infinite loops of lovely connections in Atlanta linked me with Paint Love. You've Been Noted to Kula Project to Plywood People to meeting Paint Love folks to realizing friends and customers of mine are already involved (shout out See Beautiful and Ross Boone)!

Why do I like volunteering for the arts? I have a deep love for screen printing, and hope that I can share my passion and energy with other people in the hopes that they can find a passionate avenue of existence as well. People helping people, right?! I'm going to screen print and talk about it, whether I get paid or not. Having the opportunity to focus that in a helpful way to others is a beautiful thing.


On shirts, I mostly use a special type of ink called plastisol ink. It will only dry under high temperature. For paper, I use waterbased inks. It's an air drying ink, so the process is a bit different.


I studied Printmaking at the University of Georgia and got my BFA in 2008, and knew from age seven or eight that I was meant to be an artist. However, I wasn't sure how that would work. The creativity of others always intimidated me, as I struggled with comparing myself to people who could draw stuff out of thin air. My strength has always been in my technique, though. I hold myself to my highest standards. In 2011, after leaving my first screen printing job, I started Baron Press. I focused strictly on t-shirt printing the first few years, but have also expanded to include printing on paper again (from gig posters to fine art prints). In 2014, I teamed up with a good college friend and excellent designer, Danielle Ramos, and we formed Shirts Y'all! - a fun collaboration showing our love for the Capital of the South.

Atlanta artists and creatives influence my work. I am lucky to call many of these people my friends. The talent pool is deep in this city! For now, I hope my art takes me deeper into the roots of this city, providing more opportunities to work with other passionate artists.

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Kim McGill Stuart


Kim McGill Stuart, Painter, Assemblage artist

I was drawn to Paint Love because of the concept that art can heal young people living in traumatic times - giving them tools to mentally survive their current conditions. I feel that any art medium has the power to be a catalyst for journey(s) that can propel us forward to new ideas and experiences. I believe what we learn from those experiences can heal the soul and the body.


Encaustic Wax, Found Objects


Kim McGill Stuart is an artist and experienced teacher focusing on the use of encaustic wax in 2D and some 3D pieces. Kim begins by blending encaustic wax, oil pastels and blow torch to bring swirling visions of textures and color to life. Kim feels she has truly found her calling. The works are multidimensional pieces that serve to both enhance their surroundings and intrigue the viewer with colors and shades. Her more extensive background in printmaking, assemblage and collage is what drew Kim to experimenting with encaustic wax and that hallmark is seen throughout the collection as well.

A cancer survivor, Kim expresses some of the strong feelings of pain and struggle, loss and wisdom that resulted, (and are beyond words), through her bold colors and scorched wood:

“ I am moved with what my situation is at the moment... do I feel good, am I feeling pain, am I soothed, am I stressed, is my future unknown(?) I find myself lost in the multiple layers of found objects, textures, strokes, marks, splotches and scratches...
The obsession to express frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accident and grace to influence the finished product.”

Kim has a Bachelor of Fine Art in printmaking and computer design from the University of West Florida, Pensacola and has been featured in numerous shows and galleries and awarded with some prestigious grants. Her teaching career has explored vast levels of creative platforms, spanning her work as adjunct professor at her Alma Mater in digital painting and graphic design, to developing educational material for the military, leading a team of developers in creating 3D animations to train Naval aviators. She currently resides in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, and teaches a large number of classes locally and does commissions.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with this encaustic wax medium needs to witness first-hand it’s fluidity and ever-changing nature, reminiscent of the process of life and, on a lighter note, the way warm butter melts on toast and then re-solidifies as it cools… into a totally new form than before yet hauntingly still the same substance. This thought of Kim’s is what inspired her pseudonym, WuKoolButter: a witty, bold and sharp persona who can be found online collaborating in artistic circles…



Kimberly Warner


Kimberly Warner, Painter

Aimee Stokes reached out to me as she knows that two things I love are art and kids. Now that I am finished with my 3rd year of ministry school I happen to have more time available to dedicate to volunteer opportunities. 




I've always been creative and absolutely love color, in fact, my tag line is that "I live my life in color!" I honestly didn't know I could paint until 5 years ago. I had an experience that was indelibly imprinted on my heart and mind. I couldn't shake the image and kept feeling like I needed to paint the picture. I had an artist friend who gave me some ideas of where to start and then essentially gave me courage and permission to TRY! Since then my abilities have grown by leaps abounds. To date I have not yet taken any art classes, but would certainly like to. Basically I learn as I go and I'm blown away by the art that has come as a result. Now one of my favorite things to do is inspire others to TRY while also encouraging and unlocking creativity within them. As my art has an inspirational element to it, I had two people a within a three-week time frame say they saw greeting cards/note cards coming out of my art. Since then I have sold many such cards (5"x7") and also prints (8"x10") of my art. The name God gave me back then for my art is 'Door of HOPE Creations' which comes from a verse in Hosea. Eventually I would love to have an art/gift boutique with the same name. My dream is to have a store where I can host and sell art and gifts from other like-minded, like-hearted artists. I feel like Door of HOPE Creations will eventually also be a means to fund and care for orphans. To date I do not have my own website but would like very much to create an online presence as a means to grow my business. This is the part of the dream/idea that needs someone else's expertise to make it a reality.

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Sabrina Barilone


Sabrina Barilone, Ceramic Scuplture

I connected with Paint Love as a school teacher and Free Art Friday Artist. I enjoyed working with Julie and the Artists so much that I realized I needed to become part of this fantastic team.




I have been teaching since 2002 and am currently working in Cobb County as an Art Teacher. I love working with young minds and helping them to appreciate Art through exposure to a variety of media and technique.

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Ross Boone

Ross Boone, Illustrator / Writer

You mean I get to hang out with kids and help them create stuff? My passion is writing and illustrating books so when Aimée contacted me to see how I could help, I thought I'd love to help the kids publish their very own books of their art and writing.


I do digital drawing and writing. I produce illustrated story books.


I first graduated in Mechanical Engineering but my classmates were getting jobs making cement and purifying water. I realized I wanted something more creative. So I got another degree in Industrial Design and designed outdoor products for 7 years. I designed things like garden gnomes, bird feeders, watering cans, and patio furniture, some of which have been sold in stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware. This degree also gave me lots of opportunity to revive my drawing skills, which I had pursued in my younger years. During this whole time I was writing books and stories. So when I got good enough at drawing to illustrate my books it was an easy transition to make! Now I've self published 5 of my own novels, memoirs and kids books! My name is Ross Boone, but if you say it fast, you'll see my pen name: Raw Spoon.

Since then I started animating my drawings and, among other projects, made a music video for  the band "Vintage Trouble." The song is called "You Better Believe It" and has 25k views!

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Ashley Hizer

Ashley Hizer, Abstract Painter

Art often reveals uncharted territory of the heart, ultimately healing and soothing the soul. I'm excited to watch beautiful masterpieces come to life through Paint Love. What a blessing to work with Atlanta's youth, Julie and other artists. 


Acrylic, Oil


Crayons, markers and acrylics served as Ashley’s early playmates. Growing up in sunny San Diego, the family fridge was filled with paintings of the ocean and sunshine. She even received one of her first time-outs for scrawling a mural on her parents’ walls, so they enrolled her in art classes. Ashley continued to explore her hand at painting, and years later, ventured into the artistry of language, earning a Bachelors in Journalism and English from San Diego State University, and subsequently, Master of Education. She spent several years as a certified educator teaching language arts, yet yearning for her forsaken outlet. After a pivotal move to the South that still inspires her, she now paints year-round instead of her summers off.

Ashley’s work is always prompted by an emotion, which itself is ignited in mundane and monumental moments. She credits conversations, travels abroad, and her eclectic playlist among the creative fuel. In unison, her hand and heart intuitively and rhythmically explore the canvas until she has achieved a complete response. She rarely anticipates a scratch, curved or linear stroke, yet her work often demonstrates undulating movement, much like the ebb and flow of life. To Ashley, painting abstract is the art of surrender.

Her work can be found everywhere from her online shop, to the Jeffrey Meier Gallery in Lambertville, NJ, to Balance Design in Atlanta, to homes in multiple continents. She currently lives in North Atlanta with her husband, Scott, son, Oliver, and English Goldendoodle, Dixie.



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Morgan Corbett

Morgan Corbett, Photographer and Painter

I met Julie through our small group at Decatur City Church and quickly found out about Paint Love! I am such a believer in the impact art can have and that is a major part of why I chose to pursue a career in art education for several years. Now that I pursue my photography business full time, I love that Paint Love gives me opportunities to incorporate both of those passions to help make a difference. 


Digital Photography, Acrylic


Morgan graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.F.A in Studio Art and Art Education. For the past 5 years she taught drawing, painting, photography, and design classes to high school students every day. She now pursues her photography business full time, but loves that Paint Love gives her opportunities to still incorporate her passion for teaching. In addition to photography, Morgan uses a variety of mediums and subject matter, and tries to incorporate a whimsical and colorful perspective into all of her work. She has a passion for design, and sharing her love of art with others. Morgan currently lives in Conyers, GA with her husband Shane and is expecting a baby boy in December! She enjoys creating, decorating her house, and going on adventures.  




Penny Treese

Penny Treese, Encaustic Painter

The healing arts saved me during my darkest times and I am dedicated to giving back by using my talents in teaching, guiding and loving through art.


Encaustic painting and collage. Any medium used to teach children's projects.


Artist Statement

Are beauty and aging contradictions in terms?

Penny Treese’s masterful encaustic works invite an answer to this question.
Observing the way our culture treats aging as an evil to avoid, Treese’s technique begins with an out-of-focus photograph of a nude woman on thin paper. She distresses the image with water, wine, coffee, salt and cold—natural elements that age the human body. Finally, applying heat to layers of molten unbleached beeswax and vivid pigment, Treese creates a beauty and integrity from her “aged” work—ultimately answering the afore mentioned question with an empathic and absolute No.

Themes of stillness, presence and reflection are revealed throughout Penny Treese’s paintings, in both her figurative work and sea/landscapes. The interplay of molten unbleached beeswax and lustrous pigment creates images of land and sea, sea and sky, body and figure as field. Using an iron to apply heat and delicate pressure, Treese transforms meticulously manipulated wax and paint. The work occupies a space, fluid between landscape and portraiture, the body as field.

About the Artist - Biography
With encaustic, Penny Treese discovered an unrestricted way of painting that has led her far beyond her training (BS degree in Graphic Design and art, cum laude with honors) and experience in graphic design and traditional instruction in the arts. She stumbled upon the works of an encaustic artist and was taken with the “vibrant pigments, translucency in layering and sensual textures” of the medium. She was, at the same time, exploring how to paint freely and tap into an inner source to paint intuitively. As a result, she left her career as an art director in advertising to follow the path in fine art that opened up to her.

Since, what she terms, her “revelations,” she has realized a long-held dream to be a fine artist and art instructor even as she balances the demands of her life as a wife and mother of three children. She has recently taught within Binder’s Art Supply, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, The Art School of Sandy Springs, Garage Door Studios, Paint Love, Red Deer College-Canada, Spruill Center for the Arts and with nationally known encaustic artist, Michael David’s F.A.W.S.-Fine Arts Workshop & Atelier. In addition, she has attended national conferences of encaustic painting led by prominent artists working in the medium.

In a relatively short time, Penny has been accepted and won awards in a number of juried exhibitions including, most recently, winning Best of Show in a group show and competition at the Decatur Market and Gallery, juried by internationally renowned art critic Bill Arnett. Her paintings hang in numerous private and public collections.


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Kathlee Kohl

Kathlee Kohl, Painter, Crafter

I joined Paint Love because I believe the creative process is good for our soul. 


Mixed Media, Arcylics


I'm a native Atlantan & received a Bachelor of fine arts at Virginia Commonwealth Univ. with a focus on painting/printmaking as well as Art history. I find inspiration through nature & believe the creative process is the best gift of all. I have been working in the decorative art industry with interior design. But my heart has always been in the fine arts.

"Art feeds my soul" I feel at home when I'm surrounded by other creative people. I get great satisfaction with seeing others grow with their own creations. As long as I'm learning & growing I am in my happy place. 

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Lydia Mays

Lydia Mays, Children's Book Author

I LOVE the focus on connecting artists with educational stakeholders and children. There is a vital need for this in the school systems and the arts in general, and I'm thrilled to offer any of my insight or experiences in writing children's books with young writers and creators.


Children's literature, Children's books


I am a former elementary school teacher and college professor of early childhood education. My PhD is in literacy and my love is empowering children through the arts as a means to see and create more beautiful in the world. I am a social constructivist by nature, as my research, teaching, community and policy work focus on equity, empowerment and care.


See Beautiful

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Christina Wert



I met Julie through our neighborhood Facebook group! It sounded like a fun way to get to know other local artists and help kids get in touch with their artistic side! She, and a few of my other artistic friends, have encouraged me to get back into painting and doodling, which I haven't done in years.

To me, art isn't an elective, it's essential. It makes my brain work better, it makes me feel like myself. It's an extension of my spirit I can express visually, and it's as comforting as a favorite pair of old pants. I want everyone to know the joy, the catharsis, the treasure of what art can be to them, and let them be free to play. This crazy world can brush aside that need so quickly. The longer I try to nurture my artistic skills, the more I realize how important art is to me. I'm looking forward to sharing its wonderful expressiveness and freedom with others, especially those who might need a splash of color in their lives.


Yarn, needlepoint floss, oil pastels, colored pencils, paint, beads & wire, collected odds and ends, tablet & stylus or computer & mouse


I've loved making art since before I could talk. My parents bought me big, round crayons for my little hands and encouraged me to pursue my passion. As I grew up, I was always writing stories, drawing, and creating through cross stitch, and anything crafty I could get my hands on. I took art classes in and out of school throughout my childhood, learned to draw cartoons, made jewelry, and refined my love for painting and crafting, and in high school I really discovered the wonders of digital photography and web design. I attended James Madison University in Virginia, and graduated with a Media Arts and Design degree in Interactive Media with a minor in Art.

In the years since my graduation in 2008, I've mostly worked for myself, doing freelance web/graphic design and social media management, learning new artsy hobbies and working on the old ones. After I got married and moved to Atlanta, I began re-exploring my love for oil pastels, and I learned how to crochet! My penchant for collecting small, interesting things makes it really easy to make mixed media pieces, and I'm always looking for fun new things to make and experiment with! I never want to lose my sense of wonder or desire to try new things.

Making gifts for people is probably one of my favorite things to do, particularly with crochet, cross stitch or jewelry! I'm also a fantasy writer, and at the heart of most of my art, I'm always trying to tell a story, capture a feeling, or to express my love for the things I find most beautiful, fun, or inspiring in life.

As for inspiration, I always find new ideas in nature and history, and other people's art and perspectives! Other than enjoying the great outdoors, books on tape, city gardens or museums, I'm always looking for interesting nature and historical documentaries, or artsy or classic movies/shows to get my creative juices flowing. I love exploring new places and experiences nearby, or around the world. I also like myths and fairy tales, and I love watching animation, puppetry and other visual art forms from around the world so I can gather all the stories I can. 

I live in Decatur, GA with my wonderful, supportive husband and our adorable cats.





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Madison Beaulieu

Madison Beaulieu, Printmaker, Graphic Designer

I found Paint Love through my work with nonprofits. I stalked Julie on twitter for a bit and then met up with her for coffee late 2014 and have been involved ever since! I grew up crafty - always making things, but my first "real" experience with art wasn't until senior year of high school. I was going through a lot at that time, and the ability to put my feelings out on paper was so valuable. I learned so much about myself. I really want to share that experience with others! 


I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Art Marketing, Concentrations on Printmaking and Graphic Design. In 2011, I left the good ole’ mountain town of Dahlonega to spend 2 years with a marketing agency. 

I am a freelance designer and social media manager with agency experience and background in marketing. My true love is putting ink on paper, whether that be through a screen, off a press, or by way of ink-dipped pen. Personal passions include adventuring with my husband and our sweet pup, Murphy, practicing yoga, and always learning something new.