Ross Boone

Ross Boone, Illustrator / Writer

You mean I get to hang out with kids and help them create stuff? My passion is writing and illustrating books so when Aimée contacted me to see how I could help, I thought I'd love to help the kids publish their very own books of their art and writing.


I do digital drawing and writing. I produce illustrated story books.


I first graduated in Mechanical Engineering but my classmates were getting jobs making cement and purifying water. I realized I wanted something more creative. So I got another degree in Industrial Design and designed outdoor products for 7 years. I designed things like garden gnomes, bird feeders, watering cans, and patio furniture, some of which have been sold in stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware. This degree also gave me lots of opportunity to revive my drawing skills, which I had pursued in my younger years. During this whole time I was writing books and stories. So when I got good enough at drawing to illustrate my books it was an easy transition to make! Now I've self published 5 of my own novels, memoirs and kids books! My name is Ross Boone, but if you say it fast, you'll see my pen name: Raw Spoon.

Since then I started animating my drawings and, among other projects, made a music video for  the band "Vintage Trouble." The song is called "You Better Believe It" and has 25k views!

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