Rebecca Carmen



As an Artist and Designer Rebecca strives for her work to be appreciated by many, but first by herself. She says she is an artist and designer because crosses multiple disciplines. She mainly does surface pattern design but also does fine art, photography, creative direction, product development, apparel design, and trend research/forecasting.

Whatever the work may be she wants people to see her heart and soul in it. She puts her whole self in her work, so that people don’t see a meaningless work but something that took effort and thought. She is grateful for the talent she has and doesn't want to waste it by not using it or by not sharing it.

Rebecca thinks so much art can be dark, hard,  and serious, but she thinks life is already serious enough so why look at something so serious all the time? She creates her work to be bright, bold, happy, fun, and light because everyone needs to smile sometime.

Wherever her path of creativity takes her, she hopes to share it with others through the work she produces along with keeping my passion for art and design.

Rebecca is an alumna of Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta, with a BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management.