Pen Sherwood

pen headshot.jpg

Pen Sherwood, Mixed Media Artist


Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Ceramic, Fabric, Mixed media, Collage


I am very much a self-taught artist. I studied from art books, magazines, on-line videos, etc. I also learn from seeing and doing. I loved to draw and paint since childhood and didn't even know you have to go to school to study art! Painting was for me the happiest of times. I like to approach my blank canvas with an empty mind and let the paint and the brush dance freely. I have no restrictions, no goals, no objects in mind, I just paint because it is like breathing to me. I also paint as a form of meditation. My mind is free, clear and empty, my heart filled with joy and bliss. I want others to feel this happiness when they paint or when they view my works. I have no wish for my art to take me to any place because the creation itself is my happy moment. It is the reward I never expected in the first place. I do hope that my works will somehow evoke thoughts in the viewers' minds and that they will receive the positive messages I tried to include.