Miranda Kyle

Miranda Kyle, Sculptor

How I came to Paint Love sounds a little like an artist fairy tale. It all began under a bridge, with some big dogwood flowers being painted by PL founder Julie. We began discussing her non-profit, and she was looking for a metal artist for her organization's artist family and I fit the bill. The arts are a vital element in who we are are humans. Sadly, many children lack access to opportunities that allow them to explore those key elements. I love the fact that Paint Love provides the bridge between artists and kids in the community who normally miss out on a creative education. I am excited to be able to enrich young brains and equip young hands with skills they can keep for a lifetime.




As a feral kid raised between the swamps of North Carolina and the hollers and wilds of the Great Smoky Mountains, Miranda has always had a foot in a creek and her nose in a book­­ all while earnestly conversing with every critter that crossed her path. Learning was always a full contact sport, and growing up she knew she was going to be a scientist, gladiator, or maybe an owl. Constantly echoing in her head was revival hymns and pre­colonial Appalachian tales. The universe was vivid and full of stories. She began to understand this world through the indefatigable ability of her mother­­Who explained things through visual storytelling; delightfully illustrating or constructing a physical accompaniments to the tapestry of stories as explanations for this rich cacophony of culture. She soon found herself creating explanations of the world in a similar manner. It wasn’t enough to doodle out a problem to try to solve it, She needed to build it, to live inside the issue to understand it and find a resolution. Life’s equations and her experiences became monuments to uncovering the unknown. Space became the solution. In her work she shares this type of learning expression with her audience. Driven by the potential for revelation, she seeks to engage the viewer in a moment leading to an epiphany. The finished pieces create a dialogue on the beauty of human experience.

Miranda holds multiple degrees in fields ranging from BioChemistry to Fine Art. She received her MFA in sculpture from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015.