Margaret Crane

Margaret Crane, Photographer, Painter, Mixed Media

I am drawn to Paint Love's mission and vision of connecting youth with artists and working with organizations. I am an art educator, and love building community. I also love using art and the creative process to teach and share stories of those involved. When I saw the presentation at Plywood Presents, I knew I needed to be involved in some way.


I have worked with various mediums, but mostly with painting, set design/installations, and darkroom photography.


I have always loved art and dreamed of being an artist, I went to the College of Charleston where I pursued art, concentrating on black and white photography and acrylic painting. Soon after, I began work overseeing and developing art programs for The Children's Museum of the Lowcountry. Here I saw the value of the arts in education and the creative process, and desired to continue to use that to invest in families in the community. I then pursued a graduate degree from SCAD in Art Education. In 2010, I finished this degree and instead of teaching began working for a local church. Here, I developed a dream and vision of mine-a mobile art studio. I found and remodeled a full size school bus that allowed a team of artists to go to various places throughout the city and teach art and lead programs. In 2015, I moved to Atlanta to pursue more of my career as an artist and be a part of the creative community here! I look forward to being involved and getting to know children and their families throughout the city, while creating together!

Margaret's Projects: