Madison Beaulieu

Madison Beaulieu, Printmaker, Graphic Designer

I found Paint Love through my work with nonprofits. I stalked Julie on twitter for a bit and then met up with her for coffee late 2014 and have been involved ever since! I grew up crafty - always making things, but my first "real" experience with art wasn't until senior year of high school. I was going through a lot at that time, and the ability to put my feelings out on paper was so valuable. I learned so much about myself. I really want to share that experience with others! 


I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Art Marketing, Concentrations on Printmaking and Graphic Design. In 2011, I left the good ole’ mountain town of Dahlonega to spend 2 years with a marketing agency. 

I am a freelance designer and social media manager with agency experience and background in marketing. My true love is putting ink on paper, whether that be through a screen, off a press, or by way of ink-dipped pen. Personal passions include adventuring with my husband and our sweet pup, Murphy, practicing yoga, and always learning something new.