Mac Stewart

Mac Stewart, Painter 


Mac Stewart's work employs bold lines and repeated motif to construct elaborate sketches of Minotaurs, dissected bodies, and heads being impaled by industrial beams, or cut through by ribbon-like objects. He pairs these more violent paintings with ones of flowers and indistinct vegetation painted in the same confident style. There's also a touch of Picasso's cubism, Matisse's fluidity and Keith Haring's neo-expressive style which makes his subjects looks like they are in motion: in Mac's case, mid-morph. His style is surreal yet very tangible. His talent comes from being able to sit on the fence between extremes: fluid and rigid, simple and complex, violent and soothing. The steady theme, however, is the line and what the line can do: It can carve out the grotesque, embrace the beautiful, and move fluidly between the abstract and the real. Stewart's teams of masks, body parts, and dissection pull from his own life.

"We all feel cut up at times, whether it's by isolation or oppression," he says, adding that and ultimately the paintings are about "people's ability to reinvent themselves throughout their lives and how resilient we really are as humans to keep growing and changing."

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