Kristan Woolford

headshot for Paint Love artist and The Creatives Project resident, Kristan Woolford

Kristan Woolford, Digital Media Artist


Video, Film, Photo, Projection


The one undeniable truth that I base my work in is that we all have souls, and we are all connected on a spiritual level. I strive to interrogate, explore, and encourage sense making about the process of creating more equitable circumstances for all. What I ultimately aim to create are the conversations surrounding social justice and Black experiences in America that begin to percolate among individuals after they have experienced my work. I am inspired by the fact that the tools of production are lower than ever in this digital age, and with determination and an awareness that almost anything can be repurposed and used for creative expression, I hope everyone can dare to see that there is an artist that resides within us all.


I believe the arts speak a universal language which has the ability to transcend barriers like class, culture, age, etc. Paint Love is a wonderful vehicle for social bonding through a shared love of artistry and creativity.

*Kristan comes to Love Paint through his residency with The Creative Project.