Kimberly Warner


Kimberly Warner, Painter

Aimee Stokes reached out to me as she knows that two things I love are art and kids. Now that I am finished with my 3rd year of ministry school I happen to have more time available to dedicate to volunteer opportunities. 




I've always been creative and absolutely love color, in fact, my tag line is that "I live my life in color!" I honestly didn't know I could paint until 5 years ago. I had an experience that was indelibly imprinted on my heart and mind. I couldn't shake the image and kept feeling like I needed to paint the picture. I had an artist friend who gave me some ideas of where to start and then essentially gave me courage and permission to TRY! Since then my abilities have grown by leaps abounds. To date I have not yet taken any art classes, but would certainly like to. Basically I learn as I go and I'm blown away by the art that has come as a result. Now one of my favorite things to do is inspire others to TRY while also encouraging and unlocking creativity within them. As my art has an inspirational element to it, I had two people a within a three-week time frame say they saw greeting cards/note cards coming out of my art. Since then I have sold many such cards (5"x7") and also prints (8"x10") of my art. The name God gave me back then for my art is 'Door of HOPE Creations' which comes from a verse in Hosea. Eventually I would love to have an art/gift boutique with the same name. My dream is to have a store where I can host and sell art and gifts from other like-minded, like-hearted artists. I feel like Door of HOPE Creations will eventually also be a means to fund and care for orphans. To date I do not have my own website but would like very much to create an online presence as a means to grow my business. This is the part of the dream/idea that needs someone else's expertise to make it a reality.

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