Joseph Dreher, Social Artist




I consider myself a social artist. My work is mainly described as installation art. I use a number of tools and mediums to create my work including photography, murals, street art, wheat paste, painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry to name a few. People are my primary interest and it is my appreciation for people that informs so much of my creative work. My work is always multi-dimensional because I see a world where people are not flat. They are not obstacles, or heroes, or rogues, or saints. They are people – dimensional and deep. There are no strangers in your world when you meet people fully prepared to accept who they are. My work does not seek to capture or take from them but to give and to elevate them.

I pride myself on making art that is low in cost but high in concept, fast in execution but lasting in relevance, inclusive and many times interactive. I welcome and enjoy collaboration and I have a way turning personal projects inside out, finding a way to make the work be less about the author and more integral to a community. I have collaborated with artists of all types including dancers both as a performer and exhibitor. I am inspired by others artists and people in my community and I believe in giving back for the opportunities i have been given. I do so by creating new opportunities not just for myself but to give others a chance to create. No matter how my work may evolve, or into what media I may explore, you will always find that I center myself through my great affection for people.


Joe's Projects