Janelle Perrilliat


Janelle Perrilliat, Face painter and Henna artist


Acrylic, Face/Body paint, and Henna.


There hasn’t been a time in my life, that I can remember, where I didn’t find peace and solace in creativity. Whether it was painting, craft-making, or photography, creative outlets have been a consistent theme throughout my life. When I became a mother I was energized by my son’s wild and vivid imagination, it was then I encountered my passion for working with children in the arts.

Joonie & Jake’s is my face and body art business. I have been a face painter for three years and a henna artist for two years. I also host creative workshops for kids throughout Atlanta. Through face painting and volunteering, with several children’s organizations, I pursue my passion and encourage children’s imagination through art.

I am mostly a self-taught artist, however, I was a student in the Talented and Visual Arts gifted program in primary and secondary school. During the week, I work as a Contract Manager at a Real Estate Law Firm in Roswell, GA. I graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with a BA in Mass Communication/Print Journalism. Originally from New Orleans, LA I have been an Atlanta resident for the past 15 years.