Hannah Kimbrough

Hannah Kimbrough, Creative Expressive Therapist and Re-Purposing Enthusiast

I truly believe in this organization, its leadership, and its mission. Sylvia Plath once said, "The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." Paint Love works to draw out creativity within kids who come from all kinds of situations that may lead to self-doubt. I believe creativity is a strength we all have, but may not all realize. Pain Love creates compelling opportunities for creativity to shine and for self-doubt to diminish so how could I not be a part of it?


Mixed Media


Hannah is a Licensed Master Social Worker and a graduate of the University of Arkansas where she continues to teach online as a visiting instructor. As an Atlanta area therapist, Hannah loves using creative expressive techniques with her clients! She enjoys combining her clinical skills with artistic influences that empower others to express themselves in ways they may not have imagined. Many times people seek therapy because there is so much going on inside their heads. Art is a tangible way to get those overwhelming thoughts, beliefs, and emotions out of yourself in a way that is more manageable and also makes change easier to visualize. When Hannah is not teaching or working with clients, she likes engaging in her creative outlet of repurposing furniture and other mixed media projects for her booth in an antique store. She appreciates the endless options repurposing gives her as well at the idea of making old things new again. Whether it is with objects or people, Hannah believes in restoring brokenness by drawing out beauty through hidden potential.


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