Ellen Gadberry


Ellen Gadberry, Mixed Media


Reclaimed paper collage, paper mache, construction - and lots of other miscellany!


“Let’s make something!” From my earliest memories, I said that - to my mom and grandma, my playmates and peers, and in the quiet company of my own imagination. I’ve always been an artistic autodidact (and if you are compelled to go and look that term up, you are probably one too!) and making craft, making art, making in its forms has always been at the core of who I am.

Throughout my career in and around the classroom, my happiest and humblest moments have been when I am witness to the contemplation, insight and self-awareness that comes out of art-making, and boy, is it fun when there is great joy and laughter and delight as well – what a privilege to facilitate that!

My current work is happening at the intersection of creativity and spirituality. I am both a leader and a learner in workshops and retreats on crafting as a spiritual practice, and I have just launched my new website at comtemplativecrafting.com – come visit anytime!