Dani Frank

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Dani Frank, Mixed Media Artist 


Growing up, Dani has always had a passion for service and helping others.  In high school she traveled as far as Peru and Nicaragua to help those in need.  She spent many months tutoring English to adults trying to get their GED’s, and even joined the National Service Sorority, Omega Phi Alpha, when she started college.  Since becoming a member of Omega Phi Alpha, she has done a variety of service work in her free time.  Some of her favorite projects that she has participated in includes Rise Against Hunger, Books for Africa, Night to Shine, and Out of Darkness. 

Dani first heard about Paint Love when completing service hours for class requirements during her freshman year of college.  She spent a few weeks completing her hours and was instantly hooked! She volunteered mostly at Camp Peace and Kate’s Club, and she loved the way art brought such a huge smile to children’s faces.  After completing her required service hours for her class she continued volunteering and hasn’t stopped since!

At first, Dani only wanted to volunteer and assist projects because she didn’t believe she was a good enough artist to lead projects.  She was hesitant to become a lead artist at first because of her lack of artistic knowledge, but when she was asked to lead, she knew she could not turn down the life changing offer.  Since taking on the role of a lead artist, Dani has flourished in every project she has led.   She spends hours researching projects that will fit the needs of the students she teaches, and she makes sure that there is always a meaning behind every project whether it be educational or emotional. 

One of the biggest reasons Dani loves Paint Love is because of how happy it makes her.  Seeing children smiling from ear to ear as they create beautiful works of art is priceless, and she takes in every minute of it when she is leading.  She has found that many of the students that Paint Love impacts, look forward to the days that Paint Love comes and that they are always so excited and appreciative of the projects they have the opportunity to take part in.

Dani is a student at Kennesaw State University studying Early Childhood Education and she hopes to one day get her Master’s Degree in Counseling.  When she is not leading Paint Love projects she is either studying, nannying, teaching indoor cycling, or substitute teaching.  She looks forward to all the future projects Paint Love has in store for her.