Catherine Goolsby


Catherine Goolsby, Metalsmithing

Metalsmithing (as all creative outlets) can be a very therapeutic tool for youth and people, it can also be a vehicle for channeling minds toward positive activities for at risk youth and helping people live more fulfilling and healthy lives. 


copper, brass, sterling silver, stones, pearls/beads


Though I’ve been working with metals before 1999, my primary focus during this decade has been the fabrication of art jewelry and small metal sculpture.  My forte is designing jewelry in sterling silver with semi-precious and precious stones to create unique, functional art work that excites and dazzles collectors.  I also work in gold and semi-precious metals and work on commission.  I also repair jewelry and restore antique metal art and jewelry.

Using some of my studies and skills in Psychology and Photography, I approach metals as a scientist, researching and documenting the impact of Metalsmithing processes; this experience enables me to see the finished product before the final work is complete (just as I saw the final pictures through the lens of the camera before the negatives were developed). 

Translating my life into the metal form has given birth to more than one collection of artwork; each piece of art embodies either a concept, passion, memory, thought or experience of my life-each has a unique, individual meaning.  The Transformed (fold form style) collection is most widely known. 

My inspiration for this sought out line of work was to incorporate the free flowing nature of fabric into the metal, successfully creating works that reveal an intentional, non-symmetric and tensionless rhythm.  My Ribbon bracelet looks like ribbon elegantly dancing around the wrist.  Select art work from my Transformed collection of jewelry has been represented at the High Museum Gift Store, the Pensacola Museum store and Topaz Gallery.