Brent Coleman


Brent Coleman, Painter 


Acrylic, oil, mixed media


Within my work, I deconstruct American culture via acrylic and oil painting, and mixed media pieces. Having engaged subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, hip hop music and modern literature, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. I was a business major at Morehouse College, with a minor in Art and studied with Arturo Lindsey, Toby Martin and Charnelle Holloway at Spelman College.


I am a mixed media artist, and have always had an affinity for music and literature, and my works are representative of merging that reality. I think of myself as more of an archivist. Hip hop as always been viewed by those outside its realm as something disposable, and my work seeks to shatter that myth. People who have a deep appreciation for working man music and its practitioners should find the work intriguing. Like many others who grew up in the 70s and 80s, I was a hip hop fan from inception. From albums and 8 tracks to 90 minute cassettes and cds, i was a fan. Spent many a night with my head next to my dad's stereo with the maxell on play, pause and record, listening to Red Alert and Marley Marl cooking lovely mixes on the radio. This is about architect music and its documentation-we know the matrix is just a better built cell block, a long way from the shelltops and the bells that L rocked.

This is for the culture.