Audrey Dakin

Audrey Dakin, Sculptor


The first time I heard about Paint Love was a few years ago while I was still finishing up my BFA in Sculpture. There was an opportunity to bring the experience of foundry to a great group of kids. They had been collecting aluminum cans for weeks and possibly months to help us collect enough metal to melt down so they could make their own relief sculptures. As an artist, it was so much fun to see a group of kids find joy in the same medium that you do. It was my first time sharing that experience with a younger generation and I didn't expect for it to be as rewarding as it was. Being able to feel the energy that radiated from the kids during that experience, is what keeps me volunteering for the arts.


Mixed Media


I graduated with my BFA in Sculpture from the Savannah College of Art and Design utilizing both the Savannah and Atlanta campuses. The move from Savannah to Atlanta influenced my work immensely! I was pushed to keep answering my own questions, to keep figuring out what was driving me to make and create. My influences constantly change but recently I have been interested in exploring the micro and macro structures found in formations created by nature. I am trying to get back into a good rhythm of creating again as I have recently started a full time position at Kennesaw State University in the Architecture department. Working as the Digital Fabrication Technician, I am able to digitally design pieces and bring them into fruition with a number of different materials. Designing my works digitally first has become a main component of my creative process that has allowed me to easily see how specific changes alter the work before I make physical ones. I create because I need to, because my natural equilibrium would be thrown off if I didn't.


Audrey's Projects: